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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1When computers were humanDavid Alan Grier2005Princeton University Press2Gamma: exploring Euler s constantJulian Havil, Freeman Dyson2009Princeton University Press3Impossible?: surprising solutions to counterintuitive conundrumsJulian Havil2008Princeton University Press4Vicious circles and infinity: A panoply of paradoxesPatrick Hughes, George Brecht1976Jonathan Cape Ltd5Mathematics and LogicMark Kac, Stanislaw M. Ulam1992Dover Publications6The Nothing That Is: A Natural History of ZeroRobert Kaplan, Ellen Kaplan1999Oxford University Press, USA7Sink or Float: Thought Problems in Math and PhysicsKeith Kendig2008Mathematical Association of America8Peano. Life and work of Giuseppe PeanoH. Kennedy1980Springer9Mathematical thought from ancient to modern timesMorris Kline1990Oxford University Press10Mathematical thought from ancient to modern timesMorris Kline1990Oxford University Press, USA11Mathematical thought from ancient to modern timesMorris Kline1990Oxford University Press, USA12The Moscow puzzles: 359 mathematical recreationsB. A. KordemskiI1977Scribner13How to teach mathematicsSteven G. Krantz1999American Mathematical Society14The Equation That Couldn t Be SolvedMario Livio2006Simon & Schuster15Mathematics and physicsJurij (Yu.) Ivanovich Manin1981Birkhäuser16e: the story of a numberEli Maor1994Princeton University Press17On Mathematics and Mathematicians ROBERT MORITZ1958Dover, NY18Goedel s Proof: With a foreword by D.R. HofstadterErnest Nagel, James R. Newman, Douglas R. Hofstadter2001NYU Press19An imaginary tale: The story of square root of -1Paul J. Nahin1998Princeton University Press20Riddles in mathematics: a book of paradoxesEugene Northrop1975Krieger Pub Co21The mathematical century: The 30 greatest problems of the last 100 yearsPiergiorgio Odifreddi, Arturo Sangalli, Freeman Dyson2004Princeton University Press22Through the Mathescope 1956 Edition C. Stanley Ogilvy1956Oxford23The unreal life of Oscar ZariskiCarol Parikh2008Springer24The annotated Turing: A guided tour through Alan Turing s historic paperCharles Petzold2008Wiley25The collapse of the fact/value dichotomy and other essaysHilary Putnam2002Harvard University Press26Euler s gem: The polyhedron formula and the birth of topologyDavid S. Richeson2008

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