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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1Visual Studio® .NET Developer—2005—2Visual Studio® .NET Developer—2005—3Visual Studio® .NET Developer—2005—4Visual Studio® .NET Developer—2005—5Optical Properties of Gallium Nitride NanostructuresViswanath A.K.2004—6A potential well theory for the wave equation with nonlinear source and boundary damping termsVitillaro E.——7Global existence for the heat equation with nonlinear dynamical boundary conditionsVitillaro E.——8Global existence for the wave equation with nonlinear boundary damping and source termsVitillaro E.2002—9Global nonexistence theorems for a class of evolution equations with dissipation and applicationsVitillaro E.——10NanobiosensorsVo-Dinh T.2004American Scientific Publishers11Johannes Kepler and the new astronomyJames R. Voelkel1999Oxford University Press12Nanostructured Thin Films Nanodispersion Strengthened CoatingsAndrey A. Voevodin, Dmitry V. Shtansky, Evgeny A. Levashov, John J. Moore2004Springer13Design for Emergence: Collaborative Social Play with Online and Location-Based Media – Volume 153 Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and ApplicationsY. Vogiazou2007—14Mathematical Modeling for System Analysis in Agricultural ResearchK. Vohnout2003Elsevier15Multiscale Modeling in Epitaxial GrowthAxel Voigt2005Birkhäuser16Intermediate Business Programming with C++Voils D.2007—17Multiparameter Eigenvalue Problems and Expansion TheoremsHans Volkmer (auth.)1988Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg18Characterization of intrinsically harmonic formsVolkov E.2008—19Theory of Permutable FunctionsVito Volterra1915Kessinger Publishing, LLC20Multivariate and Mixture Distribution Rasch Models: Extensions and ApplicationsMatthias von Davier, Claus H. Carstensen2006Springer21Analyzing rater agreementAlexander von Eye, Eun Young Mun2006Lawrence Erlbaum Associates22Automatic SequencesFriedrich Von Haeseler2003Walter de Gruyter23Maximum likelihood estimation of oncogenetic tree modelsvon Heydebreck A.2004—24History of PhysicsVon Laue M.1950Academic Press25Computer and the BrainVon Neumann J.1979—26Continuous Geometryvon Neumann J.1998—27Creation, use, and deployment of digital informationHerre van Oostendorp, Leen Breure, Andrew Dillon2005<

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