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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1Vertebrate paleontology and magnetostratigraphy of the upper Aguja Formation (late Campanian), Talley Mountain Area, Big Bend National Park, TexSankey J1998UMI2The new foundations of evolution : on the tree of lifeJan Sapp2009Oxford University Press3Plant Migration. The Dynamics of Geographic Patterning in Seed Plant SpeciesJonathan D. Sauer1991University of California Press4Java. An Introduction to Computer Science and ProgrammingSavitch Walter—Prentice Hall 5Elections and exit pollingFritz J. Scheuren, Wendy Alvey2008John Wiley & Sons6The handbook of discourse analysisDeborah Schiffrin, Deborah Tannen, Heidi E. Hamilton2001Wiley-Blackwell7Immunopotentiators in Modern VaccinesVirgil E Schijns, Derek O Hagan2005Academic Press8Ueber den Typus in morphologischer und phylogenetischer BiologieSchindewolf O.H. 1969Akad. d. Wissensch. Mathem. Naturwiss. Klasse 4:56-1319Schneider Electric – Electrical Installation Guide According to IEC International Standards—2005—10Biomorphology in generalJ. C. Schoute1949North-Holland Publishing Company Amsterdam11Arthopods: A convergent phenomenonSchram F.1978—12TRUE BUGS OF THE WORLD (Hemiptera: Heteroptera)Randall T. Schuh, James A. Slater1995Cornell University Press13Wood Structure and EnvironmentFritz Hans Schweingruber2007Springer14The Evolution of Organ SystemsAndreas Schmidt-Rhaesa2007Oxford University Press, USA15Transformed cladistics, taxonomy, and evolutionN. R. Scott-Ram1990Cambridge University Press16Theories of consciousness: an introduction and assessmentSeager William2004William Seager17Symbiosis: Mechanisms and Model SystemsJoseph Seckbach2002Kluwer18From Fossils to Astrobiology: Records of Life on Earth and Search for Extraterrestrial BiosignaturesJoseph Seckbach, Maud Walsh2008Springer19Secrets of recording : professional tips, tools & techniquesLorne Bregitzer2009Focal Press20See Mips RunDominic Sweetman2006Morgan Kaufmann21SEE-ELECTRICAL Autoaprendizaje-capacitacion—2004—22Selected Chess Games of Mikhail TalJ. Hajtun1976Dover Pubns23Self Defence – Knife Fighting Manual TechniquesPentecost, Don——24Vw Touareg Electrical System———25FLORA OF GREATBRITAIN AND IRELANDSell, Murrell2006Cambridge Univercity Press26Flora of Great Britain and Ireland, Mimosaceae – Lentibularia

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