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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1User Friendly Guide to Multivariate Calibration and ClassificationTormod Naes2002NIR Publications2Using Accounting InformationWalther L.R., Skousen C.J.2009—3Using Internet Primary Sources to Teach Critical Thinking Skills in Government, Economics, and Contemporary World IssuesJames M. Shiveley, Phillip J. VanFossen2001Libraries Unlimited4Using Statistical Methods for Water Quality Management : Issues, Problems, and SolutionsGraham B. McBride2005Wiley-Interscience5Using Supercritical Water Oxidation to Treat Hydrolysate from VX NeutralizationCommittee on Review and Evaluation of the Army Chemical Stockpile Disposal Program, National Research Council1998National Academies Press6UV and IR Spectra Pharmaceutical Substances (UV and IR) and Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Excipients (IR)H. -W Dibbern, R. M. Muller, E. Wirbitzki2002Editio Cantor7UV Coatings: Basics, Recent Developments and New ApplicationsReinhold Schwalm2007Elsevier Science8V -cycle multigrid method for a viscoelastic fluid flow satisfying an Oldroyd-B-type constitutive equationLu Z.2008—9You Have to Admit It s Getting Better: From Economic Prosperity to Environmental Quality Terry L. Anderson2004Hoover Institution Press10ValenceCoulson C.A.1953—11Valence Bond TheoryCooper D.2002—12Validated Cleaning Technologies for Pharmaceutical ManufacturingDestin A. LeBlanc2000Informa Healthcare13Validating Chromatographic Methods: A Practical GuideDavid M. Bliesner2006Wiley-Interscience14Validating Corporate Computer Systems: Good IT Practice for Pharmaceutical ManufacturersGuy Wingate2000Informa Healthcare15Validating Medical PackagingRonald Pilchik2002CRC Press16Validation and Qualification in Analytical LaboratoriesHuber Ludwig2007Informa Healthcare17Validation in Chemical MeasurementPaul De BiFvre, Helmut Gnnzler, Paul De Bièvre, Helmut Günzler2005Springer18Validation of Cell-Based Assays in the GLP Setting: A Practical GuideUma Prabhakar, Marian Kelley2008Wiley19Validation of Pharmaceutical ProcessesP. Agalloco James, Frederick J. Carleton2007Informa Healthcare20Validation of Toxicogenomic Technologies: A Workshop SummaryCommittee on Validation of Toxicogenomic Technologies: A Focus on Chemical Classification Strategies, Committee on Emerging Issues and Data on Environmental Contaminants, National Research Council2007National Academies Press21Validation Standard Operating Procedures: A Step-by-Step Guide for Achieving Compliance in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Biotech IndustriesHaider S. I.2002—

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