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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1Univalent functionsGerd Jensen, Christian Pommerenke1975Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht2Complex Variables with ApplicationsPonnusamy S., Silverman H.2006Birkhäuser3Calculus with complex numbersReade J.B.2003—4Real and complex analysisRudin W.1986MGH5Analytic functionsSaks S., Zigmund A.1952—6Analytic functionsSaks S., Zygmund A.1952PTM~Warszawa7Analytic functionsSaks S., Zygmund A.1952—8Introduction to Complex Analysis in Several VariablesVolker Scheidemann2005Birkhäuser Verlag9Introduction to complex analysisShabat B.V.2003—10Complex polynomialsSheil-Small T.2002Cambridge University Press11Gap-sheaves and extension of coherent analytic subsheavesSiu Y.-T., Trautmann G.1971Springer12Introduction to Riemann Surfaces George Springer1957Addison-Wesley13Current Topics in Analytic Function TheoryH. M. Srivastava, Shigeyoshi Owa1993World Scientific Pub Co Inc14Proceedings symposium on value distribution theory in several complex variablesSymposium on Value Distribution Theory in Several Complex Variables, Wilhelm Stoll, Wilhelm Stoll1992University of Notre Dame Press15Polynomial ConvexityEdgar Lee Stout (auth.)2007Birkhäuser Basel16Polynomials and vanishing cyclesMihai Tibr2007Cambridge University Press17Moduli of Families of Curves for Conformal and Quasiconformal MappingsAlexander Vasil’ev (auth.)2002Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg18Complex Geometry and Analysis: Proceedings of the International Symposium in honour of Edoardo Vesentini held in Pisa (Italy), May 23–۲۷, ۱۹۸۸Michael Atiyah (auth.), Vinicio Villani (eds.)1990Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg19Quasiconformal Space Mappings: A collection of surveys 1960–۱۹۹۰G. D. Anderson, M. K. Vamanamurthy, M. Vuorinen (auth.), Matti Vuorinen (eds.)1992Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg20Conformal Geometry and Quasiregular MappingsMatti Vuorinen (auth.)1988Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg21The Classification of Three-Dimensional Homogeneous Complex ManifoldsJörg Winkelmann (auth.)1995Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg22Complex variables with applicationsDavid A. Wunsch2005Pearson Addison-Wesley23Theory of Complex Homogeneous Bounded DomainsYichao Xu (auth.)2005Springer Netherlands24Researches respecting the imaginary roots of numerical equationsJ R. 1799-1885 Young2010Nabu Press25Analytic Capacity and Rational ApproximationLawrence Zalcman

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