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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1Unification and supersymmetry: the frontiers of quark-lepton physicsRabindra N. Mohapatra2002Springer2Consistent classical supergravity theoriesMartin Muller1989Springer3Supersymmetry, supergravity and particle physicsH. P Nilles1984North-Holland4Supersymmetric chiral models: Geometrical aspectsPerelomov.1989—5Lectures on Kaluza-Klein reductionPope C.2003—6Supermanifolds: theory and applicationsA. Rogers2007World Scientific Publishing Company7Supersymmetry and superfieldsSalam A., Strathdee J.1978—8Gauge Theories of Gravity and SupergravitySchaer C.H.1980—9Dynamical supersymmetry breakingShadmi, Shirman.2000—10Dynamical supersymmetry breakingShadmi, Shirman.2000—11Supermanifolds, super twistor spaces and super Yang-Mills fieldsS Shnider1989Presses de l Universite de Montreal12Introducing supersymmetrySohnius M.F.1985—13Modern supersymmetry: dynamics and dualityJohn Terning2006Oxford University Press14Supersymmetry for Mathematicians: An Introduction V. S. Varadarajan2004American Mathematical Society15Supersymmetry for Mathematicians. An Introduction (Courant Lectures on Supersymmetry)Varadarajan V.S.2004AMS16Supersymmetry and supergravityJulius Wess, Jonathan Bagger1992Princeton University Press17Introduction to Supersymmetry and SupergravityPeter C. West1990World Scientific Publishing Company18Lectures on supersymmetryWipf A.2001—19Supersymmetry and Morse theoryWitten E.1982—20Supergravityvan Nieuwenhuizen P.1982—21Introduction to QFT (CMU lecture notes draft)Peskin M., Schroeder D.2002—22Exercises in quantum field theoryDavid Atkinson, Porter Wear Johnson2004Rinton Pr Inc23Relativistic quantum fieldsJames D. Bjorken, Sidney D. Drell1965Mcgraw-Hill College24Quantum field theoryProfessor Lowell S. Brown1992Cambridge University Press25Lectures on advanced quantum field theory (lecture notes, web draft 1999)Casalbuoni R.——26Lectures on quantum field theoryCasalbuoni R.2004—27Quantum field theoryClarkson R., McKeon D.G.C.2003—28Quantum field theoryClarkson R., McKeon D.G.C.2003—29An introduction to the standard model of particle physicsW. N. Cottingh

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