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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1Futures of Critical TheoryMichael Peters, Mark Olssen, Colin Lankshear2003Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.2Philosophy – A Very Short IntroductionEdward Craig2002Oxford University Press, USA3Philosophy of Law – A Very Short IntroductionRaymond Wacks2006Oxford University Press, USA4Political Philosophy – A Very Short IntroductionDavid Miller2003Oxford University Press, USA5Contextualism in Philosophy – Knowledge, Meaning and TruthGerhard Preyer, Georg Peter2005Oxford University Press, USA6What is Truth – From the Academy to the VaticanJohn M. Rist2008Cambridge University Press7Martin Heidegger – Between Good and EvilRüdiger Safranski, Ewald Osers1999Harvard University Press8NietzscheRichard Schacht1985Routledge9The Blackwell Guide to Ancient PhilosophyChristopher Shields2003Wiley-Blackwell10The Blackwell Guide to Continental PhilosophyRobert Solomon, David Sherman2003Wiley-Blackwell11Hegel Charles Taylor1977Cambridge University Press12Key Thinkers from Critical Theory to Post-MarxismDr Simon Tormey, Dr Jules Townshend2006Sage Publications Ltd13Uses of Sense – Wittgenstein s Philosophy of LanguageCharles Travis2001Oxford University Press, USA14Plato: A Very Short IntroductionJulia Annas2003Oxford University Press, USA15Politics: A Very Short Introduction Kenneth Minogue2000Oxford University Press, USA16Postmodernism – A Very Short IntroductionChristopher Butler2003Oxford University Press, USA17Racism: A Very Short IntroductionAli Rattansi2007Oxford University Press, USA18Social and Cultural Anthropology: The Key Concepts Nigel Rapport, Joanna Overing2000Routledge19Roman Empire – A Very Short IntroductionChristopher Kelly2006Oxford University Press, USA20War in the Modern World [dpRopp1962Duke21American Theorists of the Novel. Henry James, Lionel Trilling, Wayne C. BoothPeter Rawlings2006Routledge22Antonio GramsciSteven J. Jones2006Routledge23Cyberculture TheoristsDavid Bell2007Routledge24Edward SaidBill Ashcroft, Pal Ahluwalia2001Routledge25Emmanuel LevinasSeán Hand2009Routledge26Eve Kosofsky SedgwickJason Edwards2008Routledge27Feminist Film TheoristsShohini Chaudhuri2006Routledge28Fredric JamesonAdam Roberts2000

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