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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1Mutational analysis: A joint framework for Cauchy problems in and beyond vector spacesЕ. А. Банников۲۰۰۶Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg2An introduction to the kinetic theory of gasesPhilip M. Parker—CUP3Alternative Beta Strategies and Hedge Fund ReplicationAlbert Einstein—Wiley4Advances in Mathematical EconomicsNoel Polk—Springer Japan5An engine, not a camera: How financial models shape markets——The MIT Press6Photoemission studies of high-temperature superconductorsJohn Smith2005CUP7Recombination in SemiconductorsAnthony Mancuso2004CUP8Modern Global SeismologyCorrie Haffly2006Academic Press9Nonequilibrium statistical thermodynamicsNorbert Juretzko, Wilhelm Dietl2005Wiley10Nonlinear Time Series AnalysisGurmit Singh, Shafaat A. Rabbani2005Cambridge University Press11The industrial organization and regulation of the securities industryGarth Fletcher2002University Of Chicago Press12Tools and techniques in modal logicLady Sabrina2000North Holland13Liar s pokerJosef Trölß۲۰۰۶Penguin Books14Soft Multihadron DynamicsRichard Brandt, Thomas Weisel, Lance Armstrong2003World Scientific Publishing Company15Flying on One EngineJeanette Foster2008Bloomberg Press16The Theory of Generalised FunctionsJulie A. Winkelstern, Arthur E., Jr. Jongsma2001Cambridge University Press17Principles of MacroeconomicsАртамонов В.А. ۲۰۰۵South-Western College Pub18The foundations of mathematicsMarjane Satrapi2002College Publications19Optimization Techniques: With Applications to Aerospace SystemsMark Bosco2005Academic Press20Symbolic dynamics. One-sided, two-sided and countable state Markov shiftsWerner Rosenberger2003Springer21Relativity, gravitation and cosmologyZizou Corder2004Cambridge University Press22Kiselev s geometry, Book 2 StereometryCatherine Silverstone, Sarah Annes Brown2007Sumizdat23Food and western disease: Health and nutrition from an evolutionary perspectiveBarry Bandstra2008Wiley24The nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of open and closed systemsCheng-Few Lee2001VCH Publishers25Liquid metalsJ. Low2006CUP26Finite FieldsJuan Ramon Rabunal Dopico, Julian Dorado De La Calle, Alejandro Pazos Sierra2008Cambridge University Press27Deconvolution: With Applications in SpectroscopyChin Diew Lai,

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