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Id Title Author Date Publisher
۱ Molecular Aggregation: Structure Analysis and Molecular Simulation of Crystals and Liquids (International Union of Crystallography Monographs on Crystallography) E. Wayne Ross ۲۰۰۶
۲ Hidden Collective Factors in Speculative Trading: A Study in Analytical Economics Committee on Research Priorities for the USGS Center of Excellence for Geospatial Information Science, Mapping Science Committee, National Research Council ۲۰۰۷ Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
۳ Fourier Descriptors and their Applications in Biology Heidi Pauwels ۲۰۰۸
۴ Doctor Who Winner Takes All M. A. Hayat ۲۰۰۹ BBC Book Publishing
۵ Tenth futures forum on steering towards equity in health Shayne C. Gad ۲۰۰۳
۶ Legal and Ethical Aspects of Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Perioperative Medicine Иванов В.М. ۲۰۰۷
۷ Trade, Investment and Competition in International Banking Paolo Brandimarte, Giulio Zotteri ۲۰۰۰
۸ Picture Yourself Learning Microsoft Excel 2010: Step-by-Step Michael Anson ۲۰۰۵
۹ Perfect Phrases for Meetings: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases to Get Your Message Across and Advance Your Career Joachim Rossberg, Rickard Redler ۲۰۰۵ McGraw-Hill
۱۰ River Morphology Rosamunde Pilcher ۲۰۰۴
۱۱ The Littoral Zone: Australian Contexts and their Writers (Nature, Culture and Literature) Составитель Г. М. Коваленко ۲۰۰۲
۱۲ The Origin of Evil George M. Landes ۲۰۰۱
۱۳ Work with Meaning, Work with Joy: Bring Your Spirit to Any Job (Spirit at Work Series) Расторгуев А.С. ۱۹۹۹
۱۴ Critical Care for Postgraduate Trainees Моника Спивак ۲۰۱۰
۱۵ The Real Contra War: Highlander Peasant Resistance in Nicaragua Rainer Kensy ۲۰۰۱
۱۶ Innovative Quick Response Programs in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Ellen Schreiber ۲۰۰۷ Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
۱۷ States and Development: Historical Antecedents of Stagnation and Advance (Political Evolution and Institutional Change) Pauline Lipman ۲۰۰۳
۱۸ Read My Pins: Stories from a Diplomat s Jewel Box Hilary Davidson ۲۰۰۴
۱۹ How to Study 2nd edition Emilia Mendes ۲۰۰۷
۲۰ Sell Your Business Your Way: Getting Out, Getting Rich, and Getting on with Your Life Черкашин Г.М. ۲۰۰۴
۲۱ Linear Algebraic Groups (Graduate Texts in Mathematics 21) Corrected Fourth Printing Laura Pulido ۲۰۰۶
۲۲ Electric Folk: The Changing Face of English Traditional Music David E. Beck, Patricia L. Roberts, John Rombeau, Michael J. Stamos, Steven D. Wexner ۲۰۰۹
۲۳ Nicholas Kaldor (Great Thinkers in Economics) Danuta A Nitecki, Eileen Abels ۲۰۰۵
۲۴ Armstrong s Handbook of Reward Management Practice: Improving Performance through Reward, Third Edition Андрей Беляков
۲۵ The Idea of Anglo-Saxon England in Middle English Romance (Studies in Medieval Romance) Susan Denman ۲۰۰۲
۲۶ Alabama Blast Furnaces (Library Alabama Classics) Jenny Dooley, Virginia Evans
۲۷ Righteous Content: Black Women s Perspectives of Church and Faith (Religion, Race, and Ethnicity) Sheila Melvin, Cai Jingdong ۲۰۰۴
۲۸ Monte Carlo Methods For Applied Scientists William Shakespeare ۲۰۰۶
۲۹ Women in the Yoruba Religious Sphere (Mcgill Studies in the History of Religions, a Series Devoted to International Scholarship) Пущаровский Д.Ю. ۱۹۹۹
۳۰ Grammaticalization and English Complex Prepositions A Corpus-Based Study (Routledge Advances in Corpus Linguistics) Suzette V. Suarez (auth.) ۲۰۰۸
۳۱ Concept Data Analysis : Theory and Applications Erik Wesner, Donald B. Kraybill ۲۰۱۰
۳۲ Ghost Shadow (The Bone Island Trilogy) Anitra Nelson ۲۰۰۸
۳۳ Narrative Bodies: Toward a Corporeal Narratology Савельевым В.А. ۲۰۰۶
۳۴ Managing Water for All: An OECD Perspective on Pricing and Financing Richard R. Lau, David P. Redlawsk ۲۰۰۶
۳۵ Player Piano Rav Michael Laitman ۲۰۰۵
۳۶ Maternal Influences on Fetal Neurodevelopment: Clinical and Research Aspects Jeff Angus ۲۰۰۶ Springer-Verlag New York
۳۷ Pirates & Patriots: Tales of the Delaware Coast William A. Searcy, Stephen Nowicki ۲۰۰۵
۳۸ A work of genius on ideilogical foundations of Bolshevism Jodt Fisher
۳۹ Health in the Americas, 2002, 2 Volume Set Толстых С.С., Подольский В.Е., Бучнева В.В. ۲۰۰۸
۴۰ José M. Panea Márquez. Elsevier, Academic Press
۴۱ The Duchess Diaries Justin D. Edwards ۲۰۰۲
۴۲ Enterprise, Management and Innovation in British Business, 1914-80 Ian Woofenden ۲۰۰۹
۴۳ Predictive Modeling and RiskAssessment Ковальчук В.Е., Чалов П.А. ۲۰۰۵ Springer US
۴۴ A Designer s Guide to Asynchronous VLSI Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
۴۵ Sacred Space and Sacred Function in Ancient Thebes (Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization) Ronald D. Spencer, Eugene Victor Thaw ۲۰۰۴
۴۶ Handbook of Set Theory Киселёва В.А. ۲۰۰۸ Springer Netherlands
۴۷ The Soldiers Story – Vietnam in Their Own Words Tom Cool, John de Lancie ۲۰۰۱
۴۸ The Buddha: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) Мелисаров В.М., Беспалько П.П. ۲۰۰۳ Oxford University Press, USA
۴۹ Collected Papers: Volume I 1955-1966 ۲۰۱۰ Springer-Verlag New York
۵۰ Hispaniola: Caribbean Chiefdoms in the Age of Columbus A. Denny Ellerman, Barbara K. Buchner, Carlo Carraro ۲۰۰۷
۵۱ Treating Compassion Fatigue (Routledge Psychosocial Stress Series) Guy A. Marco ۲۰۰۰
۵۲ Theatre Censorship: From Walpole to Wilson Данилова С.Д., Дамбаева С.В., Евдокимова И.С. ۲۰۰۱
۵۳ Complications In Pediatric Surgery Morten Rand-Hendriksen ۲۰۱۰
۵۴ Teaching in America: A Cross-Cultural Guide for International Teachers and Their Employers Gregory P.R., Lazarev V. ۲۰۰۳
۵۵ Guide to America s Federal Jobs: A Complete Directory of U.S. Government Career Opportunities Vladimir O. Safonov ۲۰۰۸ Jist Publishing
۵۶ Narrative Order, 1789-1819: Life and Story in an Age of Revolution Жулега И.А. ۲۰۰۶
۵۷ Divine Will and the Mechanical Philosophy: Gassendi and Descartes on Contingency and Necessity in the Created World Alexander Soifer (auth.) ۲۰۰۹
۵۸ A Concise Introduction to Languages and Machines Alberto Aramouni, H. Alimonda Springer-Verlag London
۵۹ Taiwan s Buddhist Nuns Are We Evaluating Them Appropriately Symposium on Spinal Implants, M. N. Melkerson, Steven L. Griffith, J. S. Kirkpatrick, Steven L. Griffith ۲۰۰۳
۶۰ Women in Love Копейкин М.В., Спиридонов В.В., Шумова Е.О. ۱۹۹۹
۶۱ Ruins (The X-Files) Joshua Cooper Ramo ۲۰۰۴
۶۲ A Nestorian Collection of Christological Texts, Volume 2: Introduction, Translations, Indexes (University of Cambridge Oriental Publications 19)
۶۳ Artistic Judgement: A Framework for Philosophical Aesthetics Погодин М.П. Springer Netherlands
۶۴ Anthropology Put to Work (Wenner-Gren International Symposium Series) Μπέρτολτ Μπρεχτ
۶۵ Retailing In The European Union: Structures, Competition and Performance Lutz von Laer ۲۰۰۴
۶۶ The Devolutionist And The Emancipatrix Jude Deveraux ۲۰۰۲
۶۷ Practicals for Psychology: A Student Workbook Грошева, Ефимов, Самсонов ۲۰۰۵
۶۸ The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception Sonia Labatt, Rodney R. White ۲۰۰۲
۶۹ Warfare And Belligerence: Perspectives In First World War Studies (History of Warfare, 30) (History of Warfare) Gabriel P. Paternain ۱۹۹۹
۷۰ The Tet Offensive: A Concise History Peter Kivy ۲۰۰۱ Columbia University Press
۷۱ Dirac Structures and Integrability of Nonlinear Evolution Equations (Nonlinear Science) Virginie Meggle ۲۰۰۹
۷۲ Gender and the Chivalric Community in Malory s Morte d Arthur Christel Baier, Joost-Pieter Katoen ۲۰۰۸
۷۳ Cryospheric Systems: Glaciers And Permafrost (Geological Society Special Publication No. 242) Иван Дубровин ۲۰۱۰
۷۴ Children Solving Problems (The Developing Child) Todd J. Schwedt, Jonathan P. Gladstone, R. Allan Purdy, David W. Dodick ۲۰۱۰
۷۵ HIV Medicine 2007, 15th Edition Paraluman S. Aspillera, Yolanda C. Hernandez, Leo Alvarado ۲۰۰۷
۷۶ Solution of Differential Equation Models by Polynomial Approximation (Physical & Chemical Engineering Science) Richard Ellis ۲۰۰۳
۷۷ Social Town Planning: Planning and Social Policy Klaus Dembowski ۲۰۰۳
۷۸ Irrationality and the Philosophy of Psychoanalysis Gregory Alles ۲۰۰۷
۷۹ The Japanese Mafia: Yakuza, Law, and the State McCIoskey D.N. ۲۰۰۲
۸۰ Recent Progress in Alzheimer s and Parkinson s Diseases Dimitris Drikakis, William Rider ۲۰۰۴
۸۱ Church and Society in the Last Centuries of Byzantium ۲۰۱۰ Cambridge University Press
۸۲ Tomorrow 1 Ben S. Bernanke ۲۰۰۰
۸۳ Social Life And Issues (Contemporary Native American Issues) Bryan Burrough, John Helyar ۲۰۰۳
۸۴ Renaissance Bodies: The Human Figure in English Culture c. 1540-1660 (Reaktion Books – Picturing History) G. W. Trompf ۲۰۰۴
۸۵ The Link between Religion and Health: Psychoneuroimmunology and the Faith Factor Зара Деверо ۲۰۰۲
۸۶ Microcosm: E. Coli and the New Science of Life (Vintage) Mary Karr ۲۰۰۶ Vintage
۸۷ Writing History in Twentieth-Century Russia: A View from Within Cormac McCarthy ۱۹۹۸
۸۸ OECD Reviews of Tertiary Education: Japan J. C. Santamarina ۲۰۰۵
۸۹ The Decision to Patent Howard Eisner ۲۰۰۲ Physica-Verlag Heidelberg
۹۰ Dutch Contributions to the Fourteenth International Congress of Slavists: Dutch Contributions to the Fourteenth International Congress of Slavists. (Studies in Slavic and General Linguistics) Dr. Robert Sternberg PhD ۲۰۰۹
۹۱ Encyclopedia of Modern China Kahn ۲۰۰۹
۹۲ American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America Plato Free Press
۹۳ The Deceived Alexander I. Poltorak and Paul J. Lerner ۲۰۰۲
۹۴ The Oatman Massacre: A Tale Of Desert Captivity And Survival Thomas A. Garrity, Lori Pedersen ۲۰۰۱
۹۵ Positioning Yoga Julian Baggini ۲۰۰۵
۹۶ Pointers on C Alex Benzer, M.D., M.Phil. ۲۰۰۵
۹۷ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Eating Disorders: A Comprehensive Treatment Guide Howard J. Aizenstein MD PhD, Charles F. Reynolds III MD, Myra Fernandes PhD MA PhD ۲۰۱۰
۹۸ Webster s English to Spanish Crossword Puzzles: Level 8 Beryl Bainbridge ۱۹۹۹
۹۹ Adventures With a Texas Humanist Marshall R. Posner
۱۰۰ Impinging Streams: Fundamentals, Properties and Applications Udo Wiesmann, In Su Choi, Eva-Maria Dombrowski ۲۰۰۷
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