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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1Morphometrics with RJulien Claude2008Springer2Clays, Muds, and ShalesCharles E. Weaver (Eds.)1990Elsevier Science3Elements of graphing dataCleveland1985Wadsworth Adv. Book4An introduction to numerical classificationClifford,Stephenson1975Academic Press5Clinical Use of Pediatric Diagnostic TestsEnid Gilbert-Barness, Lewis A. Barness2002Lippincott Williams & Wilkins6Cluster analysis for data mining and system identificationJános Abonyi, Balázs Feil2007Birkhäuser7CO2 laser that cuts sheet metal———8Asset PricingCochrane, John H2005Princeton univ press9Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For CliniciansD Sudak2006Lippincott10Fast SOAFrank Cohen2006Morgan Kaufmann11Statistics and Data with R: An Applied Approach Through ExamplesYosef Cohen, Jeremiah Y. Cohen2008Wiley12Floral Bouquets Coloring BookCharlene Tarbox1995Dover Publications13Combat – The Secrets Of Street Self-DefencePaul Welard—Paladin press14Economic geography: the integration of regions and nationsPP Combes2008Oxford University Press15Mel Bay s complete book of harmony theory and voicingBret Willmott1994Mel Bay Publications16Complete Solutions Manual for Single Variable Calculus Early TranscedentalsDaniel Anderson, Jeffrey A. Cole, Daniel Drucker—Thomson17Complex AnalysisElias M. Stein, Rami Shakarchi2003Princeton univ press18Comprehensive Molecular Insect Science. – Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyIatrou, Gill—Pergamon19Computational Instrumentation for Nano- and Condensed Matter Sciences—2005ORNL20The camera assistant s manualDavid E. Elkins SOC2009Focal Press/Elsevier21Computer Architecture – A Quantitative Approach—2007Elsevier, Morgan-Kaufmann22Computing systems reliability: models and analysisMin Xie, Yuan-Shum Dai, and Kim-Leng Poh2004Kluwer23Concepts of Space – The History of Theories of Space in PhysicsMax Jammer1993Dover24Conceptual survey of generators and power electronics for wind turbines Adgangsmade: InternetL. H. Hansen, L. Helle, F. Blaabjerg, E. Ritchie, S. Munk-Nielsen, H. Bindner, P. Srensen and B. Bak-Jensen2002Riso National Laboratory25Conformal Mapping – Methods and Applications (revised)R. Schinzinger, P. Laura2003Dover26Nature gardenJim Conrad1996Stackpole Books27ConsciousnessBlackmore S

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