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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1On the Evaluation of Certain Integrals Important in the Theory of QuantaEpstein P. S.1926—2On the existence of integrals of Einsteins gravitational equations for free space and their extension to n variablesThomas T.Y.1929—3On the Expansion of Harmonic Functions in Terms of Harmonic PolynomialsWalsh J. L.1927—4On the Experimental Evidence of the Mosaic Structure of Bi-Single CrystalsGoetz A.1929—5On the Extension of Thermodynamics to General RelativityTolman R. C.1928—6On the Farrell Jones Conjecture and its applicationsBartels A., Luck W.2007—7On The Field Of Values Of A Square MatrixMurnaghan F. D.1932—8On the Fine Structure of Some Mercury LinesMcCurdy W. H.1927—9On the Form of the Distribution Law of Stellar VelocitiesWillem Jacob Luyten1923Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College10On the Formation of Groups of Linear Transformations by CombinationFord L. R.1927—11On the foundations of relativistic cosmologyH. P. Roberston1929National Academy of Sciences12On the Foundations of the Theory of Discontinuous Groups of Linear TransformationsFord L. R.1927—13On the Foundations of the Theory of Discontinuous Groups of Linear TransformationsWebb T. J.1926—14On The Function In Quantum Mechanics Which Corresponds To A Given Function In Classical MechanicsMcCoy N. H.1932—15On the Functional Independence of Ratios of Theta FunctionsLefschetz S.1927—16On the Groups of Orientable Two-ManifoldsKiang T.-H.1931—17On the Heat Capacity of Non-Polar Solid CompoundsSalant E. O.1926—18On the Hypothesis of Constant Atomic RadiiWyckoff R. W.1922—19On the imperfections of crystalsZwicky F.1929—20On The Intensities Of Stellar Absorption LinesStruve O., Morgan W. W.1932—21On The Intensity Of Total Scattering Of X-Rays By Gases IWoo Y. H.1931—22On The Intensity Of Total Scattering Of X-Rays By Gases IIWoo Y. H.1931—23On the intensity of total scattering of x-rays by monatomis gasesWoo Y.H.1930—24On the Interpretation of Diracs alpha -MatricesBreit G.1930—25On the Intersection Invariants of a ManifoldAlexander J.W.1925—26On the joint influence of iron and aluminium in native sands on mortar strenghtLeavitt H.V., Gowen J.W., Jennes L.C.1929—27On the Lag of the Kerr Effe

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