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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1On the Way to Component-Based 3D/4D Geoinformation Systems Martin Breunig2000Springer2On the Zeros of Functions Associated with a Linear System of the Second OrderEttlinger H. J.1926—3On Thermal Emission and Evaporation from WaterAllen M.1922—4On Thermodynamic Equilibrium in a Static Einstein UniverseTolman R. C.1931—5On Various Geometries Giving a Unified Electric and Gravitational TheoryThomas J.M.1926—6On X-Ray Diffraction Patterns from Liquids and Colloidal GelsClark G. L.1927—7On-Chip Communication Architectures: System on Chip InterconnectSudeep Pasricha, Nikil Dutt2008Morgan Kaufmann8Ondeo/ Nalco Fuel Field ManualPeyton K. B.2002—9One and Two Dimensional Fluids: Properties of Smectic, Lamellar and Columnar Liquid CrystalsJakli A., Saupe A.2006—10One World: The Ethics of GlobalizationSinger P.2002Yale University Press11onlinear and non-Gaussian state estimation: A quasi-optimal estimatorHisashi Tanizaki1998—12Open Source GIS: A Grass GIS ApproachMarkus Neteler, Helena Mitasova2007Springer13Operational Calculus in Quantum Mechanics. Some Critical Comments and the Solution of Special ProblemsLindsay R. B., Seeger R. J.1930—14Operations ManagementPorter A.2009—15Operations Research and Management Science HandbookRavindran A. R. (ed.)2007—16Operator Method———17Operators and approximationNikolskii N. K.——18Operators of Order pm in the Group of Isomorphisms of the Abelian Group of Order pn and Type 1,1..Brahana H. R.1932—19Operators preserving the completely regular growthOstrovskii I. V.——20Operators, analytic negligibility, and capacitiesPutnam C. R.——21Operator-valued bounded analytic functionsSzokefalvi-Nagy B.——22Ophiolites and their Modern Oceanic AnaloguesL. M. Parson, B. J. Murton, P. Browning1994Geological Society Publishing House23Opportunity Investing: How To Profit When Stocks Advance, Stocks Decline, Inflation Runs Rampant, Prices Fall, Oil Prices Hit the Roof, … and Every Time in BetweenGerald Appel2006FT Press24Optical Applications of Liquid CrystalsL Vicari2003Taylor & Francis25Optical Astronomical SpectroscopyC.R. Kitchin1995Taylor & Francis26Optical Diagnostics for Thin Film ProcessingIrving P. Herman1995Academic Press27Optical F

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