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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1Organic Syntheses: An Annual Publication of Satisfactory Methods for Preparation of Organic Chemicals, 1988 Clayton H. Heathcock1988John Wiley & Sons2Organic Syntheses Volume 67 Bruce E. Smart1988American Chemical Society3Organic Syntheses Bruce E. Smart1989Wiley4Organic Syntheses Volume 69 Leo Paquette1990American Chemical Society5Organic Syntheses Albert I. Meyers1992Wiley6Organic Synthesis—1992Wiley7Organic SynthesisDavid L. Coffen (Ed.)1993Wiley8Organic Synthesis—1995Wiley9ORGANIC SYNTHESES Ichiro, Shinkai (Ed. )1996Organic Syntheses10Organic SynthesisAmos B. Smith III (Ed.)1998Wiley11Organic Syntheses Stephen F. Martin1999Wiley12Organic Syntheses , Volume 77 David J. Hart2000Wiley13Organic Syntheses, Organic Syntheses, Volume 78 William R. Roush2002Wiley14Organic SynthesisLouis S. Hegedus (editor)2002Wiley15Analytical chemistryOtto ——16Analytical chemistryOtto ——17Introduction to Hydrodynamic StabilityP.G. Drazin2002—18Femtosecond Laser SpectroscopyPeter Hannaford2004Springer19Tutorial questions for modern and nonlinear opticsPadgett M. ——20Modern control engineeringP.N. Paraskevopoulos2001CRC Press21Parallel Complexity TheoryIan Parberry1987Pitman; Wiley22SuperconductivityParks (ed.) ——23Superconductivity: Part 2 R. D. Parks1969CRC Press24SuperconductivityParks (ed.) 1969CRC Press25The Chemistry And Literature Of BerylliumCharles Lathrop Parsons2010Nabu Press26Partial Differential Equations and MathematicaPrem K. Kythe, Pratap Puri, Michael R. Schäferkotter1997CRC Press27Particle AstrophysicsD. H. Perkins2003Oxford University Press28Particle Physics and Inflationary CosmologyA. D. Linde1990CRC Press29The chemistry of amino, nitroso, nitro, and related groupsSaul Patai1996Wiley30The Chemistry of Amino, Nitroso, Nitro and Related Groups, Supplement F2Saul Patai1996Wiley31The chemistry of dienes and polyenesZvi Rappoport1997Wiley32The Chemistry of double-bonded functional groupsSaul Patai

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