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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1Quantitative Environmental Risk Analysis for Human HealthRobert A. Fjeld, Norman A. Eisenberg, Keith L. Compton2007Wiley-Interscience2Quantitative Geography: Perspectives on Spatial Data AnalysisA. Stewart Fotheringham, Chris Brunsdon, Martin Charlton2000Sage Publications Ltd3Quantitative Measures of Aromaticity for Mono-, Bi-, and Tricyclic Penta- and Hexaatomic Heteroaromatic Ring Systems and Their InterrelationshipsKatritzky A.R., Jug K.2001—4Quantitative Spectroscopy: Theory and PracticeBrian C. Smith2003Academic Press5Quantitative Structure Activity (QSAR) for Pesticide Regulatory PurposesEmilio Benfenati2007Elsevier Science6Quantitative Theory of the Influence Electrostatic GeneratorSimon A.W.1924—7Quantitative Thermochronology: Numerical Methods for the Interpretation of Thermochronological DataJean Braun, Peter van der Beek, Geoffrey Batt2006Cambridge University Press8Quantization in Space and the Relative Intensities of the Components of Infra-Red Absorption BandsKemble E. C.1924—9Quantized Partial Differential EquationsPrastaro A.2004—10Quantum Brownian Motion and Its Classical LimitAmbegaokar V.1991—11Quantum ChemistryEyring H., Walter J., Kimball G. E.1946—12Quantum Chemistry, Classic Scientific PapersHinne Hettema2000World Scientific Publishing Company13Quantum chemistry: Methods and applicationsRaymond Daudel1959Interscience Publishers14Quantum Dynamical Correction for the Equation of State of Real GasesMargenau H.1931—15Quantum Dynamics of Complex Molecular Systems D.A. Micha, D.A. Micha;I. Burghardt2006Springer16Quantum Theory of a Free Particle Interacting with a Linearly Dissipative EnvironmentHakim V., Ambegaokar V.1985—17Quantum Theory of the Electron LiquidGabriele Giuliani, Giovanni Vignale2005Cambridge University Press18Quantum Tunneling in the Presence of an Arbitrary Linear Dissipation MechanismLeggett A.J.1984—19Quantum-Mechanical Motion of Free Electrons in Electromagnetic FieldsKennard E.H.1930—20QuaternionsBurstall F.E., Pedit F., Ferus D.2002—21Quaternions and Their GeneralizationsDickson L. E.1921—22Quetelet as a StatisticianSheynin O. B.——23Quotient singularitiesStevens J.2003—24Radar And Arpa ManualA G Bole, W O Dineley, Alan Wall2005Butterworth-Heinemann25Radial Velocities of 368 Helium StarsEdwin Brant Frost1926

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