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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1Quality of Life and Mental Health ServicesJoseph Oliver1997—2Quality October 2011Gillian Campbell—BNP Media3Quality November 2011Gillian Campbell—BNP Media4Quality May 2011Gillian Campbell—BNP Media5Quality March 2011Gillian Campbell—BNP Media6Quality management in Hungarian higher education : organisational responses to governmental policyTibor Gábor Csizmadia.——7Quality Management EssentialsDavid Hoyle2007—8Quality Management and Six SigmaAbdurrahman Coskun——9Quality ManagementGarcia, Daniel——10Quality June 2011Gillian Campbell—BNP Media11Quality July 2011Gillian Campbell—BNP Media12Quality January 2012Darryl Seland—BNP Media13Quality January 2011Gillian Campbell—BNP Media14Quality Issues in ICT-based Higher Education (Staff and Educational Development)S. Fallows2005—15Quality Issues in Clinical Genetic Services Jean-Jacques Cassiman (auth.), Ulf Kristoffersson, Jörg Schmidtke, J. J. Cassiman (eds.)2010Springer Netherlands16Quality In Teaching: Arguments For A Reflective ProfessionWilfred Carr1989—17Quality in Higher EducationDavid Andrew Turner (auth.), David Andrew Turner (eds.)2011SensePublishers18Quality Improvement in Primary Health Care: A Practical Guide (WHO Regional Publications Eastern Mediterranean Series)A.F. Al-Assaf, M. Sheikh2003—19Quality February 2012Darryl Seland—BNP Media20Quality February 2011Gillian Campbell—BNP Media21Quality December 2011Gillian Campbell—BNP Media22Quality Control of Microbiological Transport Systems- Approved Standard: Vol. 23 No. 34CLSI2003NAT L COMM CLINICAL LAB STANDARDS23Quality Caring in Nursing: Applying Theory to Clinical Practice, Education, and LeadershipDr. Joanne Duffy PhD RN FAAN2008—24Quality Beyond Six Sigma, First EditionRon Basu J. Nevan Wright2003—25Quality Beyond Six Sigma, First EditionRon Basu J. Nevan Wright2003—26Quality August 2011Gillian Campbell—BNP Media27Quality Assurance of Welded ConstructionN. T. Burgess1990—28Quality Assurance in Analytical Chemistry (Analytical Techniques in the Sciences (AnTs) *)Elizabeth Prichard, Victoria Barwick——29Quality Assurance

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