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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1Radial solutions of superlinear equations on R^N. I. A global variational approachConti M., Merizzi L., Terracini S.——2Remarks on variational methods and lower-upper solutionsConti M., Merizzi L., Terracini S.——3Attractors for a phase field model on R^3Conti M., Mola G.2005—4Weakly dissipative semilinear equations of viscoelasticityConti M., Pata V.2005—5Singular limit of differential systems with memoryConti M., Pata V., Squassina M.2000—6Radial solutions of superlinear equations on R^N. II. The forced caseConti M., Terracini S.——7A variational problem for the spatial segregation of reaction-diffusion systemsConti M., Terracini S., Verzini G.2003—8An optimal partition problem related to nonlinear eigenvaluesConti M., Terracini S., Verzini G.——9Infinitely many solutions to fourth order superlinear periodic problemsConti M., Terracini S., Verzini G.——10Neharis problem and competing species systemsConti M., Terracini S., Verzini G.2002—11Nodal solutions to a class of radial elliptic equations with singular potential in R^NConti M., Terracini S., Verzini G.——12On a class of optimal partition problems related to the fucik spectrum and to the monotonicity formulaeConti M., Terracini S., Verzini G.2003—13Adventures in Order and Chaos: A Scientific AutobiographyGeorge Contopoulos (auth.)2004Springer Netherlands14XXXIV Congreso Nacional De La Sociedad Matematica MexicanaContreras G. (ed.)2002—15Atlas of finite groups: maximal subgroups and ordinary characters for simple groupsJohn Horton Conway1985Clarendon Press; Oxford University Press16An Introduction to a Realistic Quantum PhysicsGiuliano Preparata2002World Scientific17Arche Papers on the Mathematics of AbstractionRoy T. Cook2010Springer18Conditional analysis of mixed Poisson processes with baseline counts: implications for trial design and analysisCook R.J., Wei Wei2003—19Regulating Religion: The Courts and the Free Exercise ClauseCatharine Cookson2001Oxford University Press, USA20The analysis of hospital infection data using hidden Markov modelsCooper B.2004—21Colonialism in Question: Theory, Knowledge, HistoryFrederick Cooper2005University of California Press22Computer Security & CryptographyCooper J.A., Goldreich O.2000—23Introduction to Design Patterns in C#Cooper J.W.2002—24Advanced Bash−Scripting Guide. An in−depth exploration of the gentle art of shell s

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