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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1Proofs from THE BOOKHeather Siddons, Sandra Lancaster2004Springer Berlin Heidelberg2Schaum s outline of theory and problems of combinatorics including concepts of graph theoryTyler Dewar2004MGH3Beyond the Zonules of Zinn: A fantastic journey through your brainطارق نور الھی—Harvard University Press4The power of gold: The history of an obsessionDavid N. Yetter2001Wiley5Ill-Posed Problems for Integrodifferential Equations in Mechanics and Electromagnetic TheoryJohn Marks2007Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics6Proc. 7th meeting on nuclear reactor thermal-hydraulics NURETH-7 (1995)Микешин Л.А. (ред.)۲۰۰۵—۷New directions in dynamical systemsКапустин Е.И., Васько О.Н.۲۰۰۶Cambridge University Press8Mathematical logic and foundations of set theory: Proceedings Jerusalem, 1968Martin H. Trauth, E. Sillmann, Robin Gebbers, Norbert Marwan2006North-Holland9The Penetration of Charged Particles through Matter (1912–۱۹۵۴)David Sciulli2001North Holland10Mathematics in Nature: Modeling Patterns in the Natural WorldAshok Gupta, Denis Yan,2006Princeton University Press11Commutator calculus and groups of homotopy classesJohn T. Queenan, John C. Hobbins, Catherine Y. Spong2010CUP12Oscillation theory of operator-differential equationsSteven W. Floyd, Steven Floyd, Franz W. Kellermanns2005WS13Nonparametric statistics for stochastic processesAlison Bartlett2005Springer14Turtle geometry: The computer as a medium for exploring mathematicsGérard Lacoste, Birgit Pfitzmann, Michael Steiner, Michael Waidner (auth.)2000MIT15Mostly Harmless EconometricsMorgan Pierce illustrated by Gene Barretta2006Princeton University Press16Constructing Panic: The Discourse of AgoraphobiaT.J. Stiles2010Harvard University Press17Foundations of Cryptography: Volume 1, Basic Tools (Vol 1)Margaret Khalakdina2008Cambridge University Press18Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Algorithm Engineering and ExperimentsТитмар Мерзебургский (Thietmar of Merseburg); И.В.Дьяконов (перевод)۲۰۰۵Society for Industrial Mathematics19Real options in practiceRuss Caslis2004Wiley20Nuclear Physics (1929-1952)Roberto Festa, Atocha Aliseda, Jeanne Peijnenburg2005North Holland21The hydrogen economy: Opportunities and challengesKenneth Moure2002CUP22Principles and Applications of Variational Methods Ермаков К.В.۲۰۰۵The MIT Press23High Frequency Financial Econometrics: Recent DevelopmentsRev. T. M. Eddy, D. D2007Physica-Verlag

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