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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1Systemic Functional Linguistics and Critical Discourse Analysis: Studies in Social Change (Open Linguistics)W. B. Worthen2003—2Cartographies of Diaspora: Contesting Identities (Gender, Racism, Ethnicity Series)W. Hiddemann, C. Bartram2010—3Prehistoric and Protohistoric Cyprus: Identity, Insularity, and ConnectivityЛандреви,Ж.,Леви,Ж.,Линдон,д۲۰۰۵—۴The Fundamentals of Digital ArtCatherine Meadows (auth.), Shriram Krishnamurthi, C. R. Ramakrishnan (eds.)2002AVA Publishing5Levy Processes in Credit Risk (The Wiley Finance Series)Silvio Torres-Saillant2006—6Frontiers in Soil Science Research: Report of a WorkshopElaine Andersen, Bruno Aziza, Joey Fitts, Steve Hoberecht, Tim Kashani2008—7Altruism;: Its nature and varieties; the Ely lectures for 1917-18,Roger D. Sorrell——8Charles Dickens s American AudienceAngela Charlton2010—9In the Name of the Nation: Nationalism and Politics in Contemporary Russia (Series in International Relations and Political Economy)United Nations2007—10Four Approaches to Counselling and PsychotherapyUlrich Wagner, Linda Tropp, Gillian Finchilescu, Colin Tredoux2008—11Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body s Natural Ability to Heal ItselfLarry E. Greiner, Flemming Poulfelt2010—12Survival of the European Welfare State (Routledge Ecpr Studies in European Political Science, 14)Helge Hveem, Kristen Nordhaug, eds.2003—13Ghosts of War: The True Story of a 19-Year-Old GIRobert Pack2008—14Corporate Governance and Firm Performance (Advances in Financial Economics, Vol. 13)Jeremy Greenawalt2010—15Working with Children in Art TherapyRoger S. Macomber1998—16Ireland s Great Hunger, Volume 2: Relief, Representation, and RemembrancePeter Jan Margry, Herman Roodenburg2007University Press of America17Quantum Computing and Communications: An Engineering ApproachRobin Kirkpatrick2004John Wiley & Sons, Ltd18Washington Command Post: The Operations DivisionJean Pütz, Ellen Norten1999—19Molecular Catalysis of Rare-Earth ElementsSwami Krishnananda2006Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg20The Augustan Art of Poetry: Augustan Translation of the ClassicsАзарнова Т.В., Каширина И.Л., Чернышова Г.Д.۲۰۰۳—۲۱Pressure Swing AdsorptionК.Бишоп, А.Уорнер۲۰۰۵—۲۲The Lonely Sea and the Sky (Summersdale travel)Бьянки И. ۲۰۰۲Summersdale Publishers23Europe, Policies and People: An Economic PerspectiveСамаров К.Л.۲۰۰۹—۲۴The Dai

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