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Id Title Author Date Publisher
۲ Hybrid Gauss-trapezoidal quadrature Alpert.
۳ Multishift algorithm for numerical solution of algebraic Riccati equations Ammar, Benner, Mehrmann. ۱۹۹۳
۴ Comparison of high-precision quadrature schemes 2002 Bailey, Li
۵ Algorithm 810. SLEOGN2 Sturm-Liouville code Bailey et al. ۲۰۰۱ TOMS
۶ New algorithms for numerical Sturm-Liouville problem Bailey.
۷ Adaptive quadratures overview Gautschi.
۸ Algorithm 793. GQRAT, Gauss quadrature for rational functions Gautschi. ۱۹۹۹ TOMS
۹ Techniques for numerical integration in CAS Geddes.
۱۰ Numerical quadrature in n dimensions – 2 Miller.
۱۱ Numerical quadrature in n dimensions – 3 Miller.
۱۲ Numerical quadrature in n dimensions Miller.
۱۳ ۸thorder method for Schroedinger equation. CPC2000 Simos.
۱۴ Mersenne twister RNG materials (pdf,txt,C++)
۱۵ Design of practical RNGs Aiello et al.
۱۶ Normal RNGs: Wallace s method Brent.
۱۷ Normal RNGs: other methods Brent.
۱۸ Normally distributed RNGs Brent.
۱۹ RNGs on parallel computers Brent.
۲۰ Uniform RNGs Brent.
۲۱ Fast and reliable RNGs Compagner.
۲۲ Uniform RNGs, overview Ecuyer.
۲۳ Algorithm 806. SPRNG, scalable pseudorandom number library Mascagni, Srinivasan. ۲۰۰۱ TOMS
۲۴ Nonlinear RNGs (thesis) Weingartner.
۲۸ clcg4
۲۹ clcg4
۳۰ clcg4 test prg2
۳۱ cokus
۳۲ Handbook of simulation
۳۳ mt19937int
۳۴ mt19937int
۳۵ prng-3.0
۳۶ rng
۳۷ rng
۳۸ rng mcqmc00
۳۹ rng streams00l
۴۰ rng
۴۱ rng wsc01rng
۴۲ tt800
۴۳ Mersenne twister: a 623-dimensionally equidistributed uniform pseudorandom number generator Matsumoto, Nishimura. ۱۹۹۸
۴۴ algorithm 356. Prime number generator using treesort Singleton.
۴۵ Matrix Hermite-Pade approximations Beckermann, Labahn.
۴۶ Fraction-free computation of matrix rational interpolants Beckermann.
۴۷ Explicit construction of multivariate Pade approximants to an Appell function Borwein, Cuyt, Zhou. ۲۰۰۵
۴۸ Monotonicity of multi-point Pade approximations Bultheel et al.
۴۹ Algorithm 766. Computing Pade-Hermite approximants Cabay, Jones, Labahn. ۱۹۹۷ TOMS
۵۰ Algorithm for multi-dimensional Pade systems 1994 Cabay, Jones, Labahn.
۵۱ Fast calculation of Pade-Hermite (polynomial-rational) approximations Cabay, Labahn.
۵۲ Multivariate Pade approximants Chaffy.
۵۳ Computing rational approximation to exponential functions Cody, Rahlston.
۵۴ Concepts in multivariate Pade approximants Cuyt.
۵۵ Recursive computation of multivariate rational interpolants Cuyt.
۵۶ Convergence of rational approximations of Maehly Dunham.
۵۷ Convergence problems in Maehly s 2nd method Dunham.
۵۸ Rational approximations for continuous functions Fraser, Hart.
۵۹ Symbolic computation of Pade approximants Geddes.
۶۰ Second Remez algorithm for Chebyshev approximation on intervals Golub, Smith.
۶۱ The Pade table and some numerical algorithms (dr thesis) Hochbruck.
۶۲ Algorithms for rational function arithmetic Horowitz.
۶۳ Fast computation of numerical partial fractions, contour integrals. ISSAC92 Kirrinnis.
۶۴ Fitting of rational approximations II, III Maehly.
۶۵ Fitting of rational approximations, I Maehly.
۶۶ Economization of series by rational functions Ralston.
۶۷ Complexity of sparse rational interpolation 1994 Singer et al.
۶۸ Representation of power series in continued fractions Spielberg.
۶۹ Direct Chebyshev approximations by rational functions Stoer.
۷۰ Interpolation and combinatorial functions Verde-Star L. ۱۹۸۸
۷۱ Polynomial sequences of interpolatory type Verde-Star L. ۱۹۹۳
۷۲ Hermite-Pade approximants to exp(x).ps Wielonsky.
۷۳ Integration of ODE using continued fractions Willers.
۷۴ Algorithm 748, enclosing zeros of functions Alefeld et al.
۷۵ Algorithm 105: Newton Maehly Bauer, Stoer.
۷۶ Optimal iterative rootfinding rpb016i Brent et al.
۷۷ High-order root finding methods Brent.
۷۸ Optimal iterative rootfinding (gif) Brent.
۷۹ Solving systems of nonlinear equations Brent.
۸۰ rpb026i High-order zero-finding with orthogonal polynomials Brent.
۸۱ rpb027 High-order zero-finding with many evaluations of derivatives Brent.
۸۲ Computation of Schroeder iteration functions Drakopoulos et al. ۱۹۹۹
۸۳ Starting value for Newton s method for sqrt King et al.
۸۴ Root finding without derivatives Le.
۸۵ Numerical solutions of nonlinear equations More.
۸۶ Remark on Brent s rootfinding method 1995 Potra, Shi.
۸۷ Newton s method and high order generalizations Sebah, Gourdon. ۲۰۰۱
۸۸ Algorithm 743 (Fortran)
۸۹ Algorithm 743, real W function Barry et al.
۹۰ Real values of W function Barry et al.
۹۱ Maple procedures for Wigner symbols (ps) Fritzsche.
۹۲ Exact evaluation of 3j, 6j coeffs Schulten, Gordon. ۱۹۷۶
۹۳ Recursive evaluation of 3j, 6j coeffs Schulten, Gordon. ۱۹۷۶
۹۴ Semiclassical approximation to 3j, 6j coeffs Schulten, Gordon. ۱۹۷۵
۹۵ Representation theory and special functions van der Jeugt.
۹۶ Summation formulae for recoupling coeffs 1 van der Jeugt.
۹۷ Summation formulae for recoupling coeffs 2 van der Jeugt.
۹۸ Borwein s formulae for zeta(4n+3) Almkvist, Granville.
۹۹ Multiple zeta evaluations Bailey, Bowman.
۱۰۰ An efficient algorithm for the Riemann Zeta function Borwein P. ۱۹۹۵
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