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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1The effect of diffusion at a moving boundary between two solutions of electrolytesMacInnes D.A., Cowperthwaite I.A.1928—2The Effect of Intensive Drying on the Vapor Pressure and Vapor Density of Ammonium ChlorideRodebush W. H.1928—3The Effect of Light on the Behavior of Selenium Contact RectifiersMerritt E.1925—4The effect of low temperatures of the sensitivity of radiometersSmith S.1930—5The Effect of Temperature and of the Concentration of Hydrogen Ions upon the Rate of Destruction of Antiscorbutic Vitamin (Vitamin C)Sherman H. C., Mer V K. L., Campebell H. L.1921—6The effect of the annihilation of matter on the wave-length of light from the nebulaeTolman R.C.1930—7The Effect of Varying Mass on a Binary SystemBrown E.W.1925—8The Effect of Velocity Distribution on the Deflection of Atoms in an Inhomogenous Magnetic FieldRodebush W. H.1927—9The Effect of X-Rays on the Platinum Catalyst in the Contact Sulfuric Acid ReactionClark G.L., McGrath P.C., Johnson M.C.1925—10The Effect Upon the Atom of the Passage of an Alpha Ray Through ItMillikan R. A., Kelly M. J.1919—11The Effective Temperature of 16 Stars as Estimated from the Energy Distribution in the Complete SpectrumKoblentz W. W.1922—12The Effects of an Homologous Series of Amines on the Mobilities of Ions in Hydrogen GasLoeb L. B.1928—13The Einstein Equations of the Gravitational Field for an Arbitrary Distribution of MatterThomas T. Y.1923—14The elastic properties of certain basic rocks and of their constituent mineralsAdams L.H., Gibson R.E.1929—15The Electrical Conductivity of Liquid Cyanogen BromideClockler G.1926—16The Electrical Installation Guide – According to IEC standardsSchneider Electric2008—17The Electromagnetic Field and CurvatureRainich G. Y.1923—18The electromagnetic field exterior to a system of perfectly reflecting surfacesMurray F.H.1930—19The Electromagnetic Mass and Momentum of a Spinning ElectronBreit G.1926—20The Electromotive Force Produced by the Acceleration of MetalsTolman R. C., Stewart T. D.1916—21The Electronic States of the Helium MoleculeMulliken R.S.1926—22The Electronic Structure and Properties of Matter: An Introductory Study of Certain Properties of Matter in the Light of Atomic Numbers, Being of a Comprehensive TreatiseDouglas Clark C. Y.1934—23The Electronic Structure of the Normal Nitrous Oxide MoleculePauling L.1932—24

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