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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1The discovery of dynamics: a study from a Machian point of view of the discovery and the structure of dynamical theoriesJulian B. Barbour2001Oxford University Press2Group Theoretical Methods in PhysicsP. Kramer, A. Rieckers1978Springer3Handbook of philosophical logicDov M. Gabbay, F. Guenthner2001Springer4Classical MethodsImmanuel Estermann (Eds.)1959Academic Press5Rewriting Techniques and Applications: Dijon, France, May 20–۲۲, ۱۹۸۵Bruno Buchberger (auth.), Jean-Pierre Jouannaud (eds.)1985Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg6An elementary treatise on calculus of variations (1850)Jellett J.H.2005U.Dublin, 1850, U.Michigan7Stochastic Algorithms: Foundations and Applications: Third International Symposium, SAGA 2005, Moscow, Russia, October 20-22, 2005. ProceedingsAlexander Sapozhenko (auth.), Oleg B. Lupanov, Oktay M. Kasim-Zade, Alexander V. Chaskin, Kathleen Steinhöfel (eds.)2005Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg8Advances in Computer Systems Architecture: 11th Asia-Pacific Conference, ACSAC 2006, Shanghai, China, September 6-8, 2006. ProceedingsGuang R. Gao (auth.), Chris Jesshope, Colin Egan (eds.)2006Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg9An Elementary Treatise On Laplace s Functions, Lame s Functions and Bessel s Functions Isaac Todhunter2007Merchant Books10State-Selected and State-to-State Ion-Molecule Reaction Dynamics. P. 2. TheoryMichael Baer, Cheuk-Yiu Ng1992Wiley-Interscience11Mathematical Physics: Applied Mathematics for Scientists and EngineersBruce R. Kusse, Erik A. Westwig2006Wiley-VCH12Symmetries and overdetermined systems of partial differential equationsMichael Eastwood, Willard Miller2008Springer13McGraw-Hill dictionary of mathematicsMcGraw-Hill2003McGraw-Hill14An introduction to stochastic filtering theoryJie Xiong2008Oxford University Press15An introduction to combinatoricsAlan Slomson1997Chapman and Hall16Wave propagation and scattering in random mediaAkira Ishimaru1978Academic Press17Hungarian olympiad problem book 3Andy Liu2001The Mathematical Association of America18Sir James Lighthill and Modern Fluid MechanicsLokenath Debnath2008Imperial College Press; Distributed by World Scientific19SymmetryHans Walser, Peter Hilton, Jean Pedersen2000Mathematical Association of America20Semiparallel submanifolds in space formsÜlo Lumiste (auth.)2009Springer-Verlag New York21Quantum MechanicsGennaro Auletta, Mauro Fortunato, Giorgio Parisi2009Cambridge University Press22Agent-Oriented Software Engineering: First International Workshop, AOSE 2000 Limerick,

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