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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1The wavelet tutorialPolikar——2THE POLYTOPES WITH REGULAR-PRISMATIC VERTEX FIGURESCoxeter1931—3Pompey the GreatRobin Seager2002Wiley-Blackwell4Popular Deities of Chinese Buddhism (Illustrated)Kuan Ming1985Kuan Yin Contemplative Order5PROGRAMME OF ACTION OF THE UNITED NATIONS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON POPULATION AND DEVELOPMENT———6PostScript language referenceAdobe—AW7The Power of Power Politics. From Classical Realism to NeotraditionalismJohn A. Vasquez1999Cambridge University Press8Power of style. berlin stylewritingTrue 2 the Game2007Publikat9Beyond[QOS 3]Rapp D1981Paramoia press10Practical Chess AnalisysMark Buckley1999—11Practical Handbook of Speech CodersGoldberg, R. G.2000CRC12Practical Rook EndingsEdmar Mednis1995Chess Enterprises,US, Coraopolis, PA13Practical Vipassana Exercises———14Practical.Analog.and.Digital.Filter.DesignLes Thede 2004Artech House15Practical Programming An Introduction to Computer Science Using Python (CODE)Jennifer Campbell2009—16EntheogeneBlatter2003—17Applying UML And Patterns, An Introduction To Object Oriented Analysis And Design And The Unified ProcessLarman C2001Prentice Hall 18C Algorithm For Real-Time DspEmbree P—Prentice Hall 19Core Java Data Objects——Prentice Hall 20Internetworking With Tcpip – Vol 3 Client-Server Programming And Applications For The Windows Tm Sockets VersioDouglas E. Comer, David L. Stevens2000Prentice Hall 21Signal Processing With Fractals A Wavelet-Based ApproachGregory Wornell1996Prentice-Hall Inc.22The C Programming Language, ANSI CBrian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie1988Prentice Hall23Thinking In C++Bruce Eckel2003Prentice Hall 24Strategic Human Resource ManagementCharles R. Greer2003Prentice Hall 25Presbyterian Board of Publication – Historical Text Book and Atlas of Biblical GeographyLyman Coleman1855—26The Law of Non-ContradictionGraham Priest, J. C. Beall, Bradley Armour-Garb2004Oxford University Press, USA27Primer on Fiber Optic Data Communications for the Premises EnvironmentDr. Kenneth S. Schneider2005—28Prince of DarknessA.B. Glaser1973—29Principles of Chess in Theory and Practic

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