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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1The Synthesis and Disintegration of Atoms as Revealed by the Photography of Wilson Cloud TracksHarkins W.D., Shadduck H.A.1926—2The Synthesis of Terephthal Green and Terephthal Brilliant Green from CymeneBogert M.T., Nisson P.S.1924—3The Synthesis of Triad Systems delta t in t Elements in Particular for t = 31White H.S.1914—4The Tautomeric Form of Malic AcidBancroft W. D.1930—5The Technician s EMI Handbook: Clues and SolutionsJoseph Carr2000Newnes6The Technician s Radio Receiver Handbook: Wireless and Telecommunication TechnologyJoseph Carr2001Newnes7The Temperature Coefficient of Radioactive DisintegrationRice O. K.1929—8The Temperature Coefficient of the Photochemical Formation of Hydrogen ChlorideWulf O.R.1929—9The Temperature Coefficients of some Photochemical ReactionsKistiakowsky G. B.1929—10The Theoretical Frequency Distribution of Photographic MeteorsMillman P.M.1932—11The Theory of Transformations in Metals and Alloys J.W. Christian2002Pergamon12The Theory of MetalsWilson A.H.1953—13The Theory of the Decomposition of AzomethaneRice O.K.1927—14The Thermal and Photochemical Decomposition of Azo Compounds and the Problem of Reaction RatesRamsperger H.C.1927—15The Thermal Conductivity of LiquidsPercy Williams Bridgman1923—16The Thermal Decomposition of Acetone in the Gaseous StateRice F. O.1929—17The Thermal Decomposition of Ammonia upon Mixed Surfaces of Tungsten and PlatinumBurk R.E.1928—18The Thermal Decomposition of Ammonia upon the Surface of a Molybdenum WireBurk R.E.1927—19The Thermal Decomposition of Nitrogen Pentoxide at Low PressuresHodges J. H.1930—20The Thermal Decomposition of OzoneWulf O.R., Tolman R.C.1927—21The Thermal Ionization of Gaseous Elements at High Temperatures A Confirmation of the Saha TheoryNoyes A.A., Wilson H.A.1922—22The Thermodynamics of Gases which Show Degeneracy (Entartung)Lewis G. N.1929—23The Thermo-Electric Equation P = TdV/dT Once MoreHall E.H.1919—24The Thermophysics of Porous Media, Vol. 126Spanos T.J.T.2001Chapman and Hall/CRC25The Thomson Effect and Thermal Conduction in MetalsHall E.H.1920—26The Time-Varying Parameter Model RevisitedTanizaki H.2000—27The Torsion Problem of Curved BeamsHeymans

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