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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1Tribute to Martin Gardner Berlekamp, Rodgers.——2Modern Differential Geometry for Physicists Isham C.J.2001WS3BB_1a ———4Algorithm 760. Rectangular grid surface fitting TOMS1996Akima.——5Hardy_1 ———6Mixed motives Levine M.1998AMS7Vol 2. Methods of mathematical physics. Fourier analysis, self-adjointness Reed M., Simon B.1975AP8BB_4 ———9Charmonium and gluons Novikov, Okun, Shifman, Vainshteiin, Voloshin, Zakharov.1978—10Unix filesystems: evolution, design, and implementation Pate S.2003Wiley11Probability, Random Variables and Random Processes Hsu H.P.1997 MGH12Quantum fields near black holes Wipf A.1997lectures13Simplification of real elementary functions Bronstein.——14An open systems approach to quantum optics Carmichael H.1993Springer15Curved space Williams.——16Exact real arithmetic in Mma project ———17Polynomial decomposition algorithms JSC 1985Barton, Zippel.——18Symbolic solutions for a class of PDEs. JSC 1996 De Jager, Van Asch.——19Advances in simplification of sin-cos polynomials JSC1998Gutierrez, Recio.——20Risch-Norman integration method Geddes.——21Lectures on the standard model of particle physics Peak, Varvell.——22Advanced general relativity Stewart J.1991CUP23Improved multivariate polynomial factoring algorithm Wang.1978MC 24Concise encyclopedia of mathematics Weisstein.—CRC25Matrix analysis and applied linear algebra Meyer C.D.2000SIAM26Data representation in FELIX 2 pages with Groebner basis examples DISCO92Apel, Klaus.——27Fast computation of numerical partial fractions, contour integrals. ISSAC92 Kirrinnis.——28Proceedings ISSAC 1998 Rostock ——ACM29Modelling molecular structures Hinchliffe A.2000 Wiley30EGA II: Etudes globales elementaires de quelques classes de morphismes Grothendieck A.——31Evaluating polynomials Fateman.——32Quantum Theory and Measurement Wheeler J.A., Zurek W.H. (eds.)1983Princeton

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