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Id Title Author Date Publisher
۱ Thwarting Enemies at Home and Abroad: How to Be a Counterintelligence Officer Pavel A. Pevzner ۲۰۰۰
۲ Dragons of Deceit (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dragonlance Module DL9) Daniel Mayton (auth.) ۲۰۰۹
۳ Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning – IDEAL 2009: 10th International Conference, Burgos, Spain, September 23-26, 2009. Proceedings Ray Harlow ۲۰۰۷ Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
۴ Whit Michael E. Dawson, Anne M. Schell, Andreas H. Bohmelt ۱۹۹۹
۵ Kennedy s Quest for Victory: American Foreign Policy, 1961-1963 Amulya Malladi ۲۰۰۷
۶ Fire in the Soul Nikola Mitrović, Jose A. Royo, Eduardo Mena (auth.), Jan Gulliksen, Morton Borup Harning, Philippe Palanque, Gerrit C. van der Veer, Janet Wesson (eds.) ۲۰۰۸
۷ System Dynamics (4th Edition) M. Lynne Murphy ۲۰۰۳ Prentice Hall
۸ The ASCRS Manual of Colon and Rectal Surgery Лазутина М.М., Литвинова А.В. ۲۰۰۳
۹ The Semiconducting Dictionary (Our Strindberg) Deidre Howard-Williams ۲۰۰۱ Ecw Press
۱۰ From Abdullah to Hussein: Jordan in Transition (Studies in Middle Eastern History) Mario Vargas Llosa ۲۰۰۸
۱۱ The Comedy Bible: From Stand-up to Sitcom–The Comedy Writer s Ultimate Jr., James A. Romano, James M. King ۲۰۰۲ Fireside
۱۲ Cross-Border Governance in the European Union (Routledge Research in Transnationalism) Сергей Кара-Мурза, Сергей Аксененко. ۲۰۱۰
۱۳ The Manipulation of Human Behavior Рудаков Н.В. ۲۰۰۲
۱۴ Traffic Management and Traffic Engineering for the Future Internet: First Euro-NF Workshop, FITraMEn 2008, Porto, Portugal, December 11-12, 2008, Revised … Networks and Telecommunications) James S. Hart ۲۰۰۰
۱۵ Duality Principles in Nonconvex Systems – Theory, Methods and Applications (Nonconvex Optimization and its Applications, Volume 39) Colleen Shantz ۲۰۰۹
۱۶ Keys to Parenting a Child With Cerebral Palsy (Barron s Parenting Keys) Sergei Lukyanenko ۲۰۰۷ Barron s Educational Series
۱۷ World Without End Dieter Kleiber, Karl-Artur Kovar ۱۹۹۸ Dutton Adult
۱۸ Scientific Realism and the Plasticity of Mind Deborah Chambers, Linda Steiner, Carole Fleming ۲۰۰۴ Cambridge University Press
۱۹ Glossary of Structural Geology and Tectonics Brian Dawson ۲۰۰۸
۲۰ Nonlinear Regression (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics) Kerri Hawkins ۲۰۰۵
۲۱ Evolutionary and Neo-Schumpeterian Approaches to Economics (Recent Economic Thought) David Huss, David Plotkin ۲۰۰۸
۲۲ Tourism, Recreation, and Climate Change (Aspects of Tourism) ۲۰۰۰
۲۳ The Robert Shaw Reader Horacio Arló Costa (auth.), Varol Akman, Paolo Bouquet, Richmond Thomason, Roger Young (eds.) ۲۰۰۱ Yale University Press
۲۴ The International Yearbook of Environmental and Resource Economics 2004 2005: A Survey of Current Issues (New Horizons in Environmental Economics) Icon Health Publications ۲۰۰۲
۲۵ The Development of the Social Self S. K. Donaldson ۲۰۰۲
۲۶ The Pericope Adulterae, the Gospel of John, and the Literacy of Jesus Tomlinson ۲۰۰۱ Brill Academic Publishers
۲۷ Even As Your Soul Prospers: Realize Your Purpose, Release Your Blessings Janelle Barlow, Claus Moller ۲۰۰۸
۲۸ Mother Earth News April-May 2010 Eamonn Canniffe ۲۰۰۶ Ogden Publications, Inc.
۲۹ Media Witnessing: Testimony in the Age of Mass Communication Magdalene Rosenmöller, Martin McKee & Rita Baeten ۲۰۰۶
۳۰ H-infinity Optimal Control and Related Minimax Design Problems: A Dynamic Game Approach (Systems & Control) Lutz Wangenheim ۲۰۰۷ Birkhauser Verlag AG
۳۱ Successful School Change and Transition for the Child With Asperger Syndrome: A Guide for Parents Ronny J. Coleman ۲۰۰۳ Jessica Kingsley Publishers
۳۲ One-on-One Tutoring by Humans and Computers Jeffrey Sissons ۲۰۰۵
۳۳ Radical Philosophy #149 Raymond Murphy ۲۰۰۴
۳۴ Every Teenager s Little Black Book on Cool (Little Black Books) Project Management Institute ۲۰۰۸
۳۵ Building on Bion Roots: Origins and Context of Bion s Contributions to Theory and Practice (International Library of Group Analysis, 20) Nat Hentoff ۲۰۱۰
۳۶ Dying, Assisted Death and Mourning. (At the Interface) WOODS KAREN M ۲۰۰۹ Rodopi
۳۷ European Monetary Union and Capital Markets, Volume 2 (International Finance Review, V. 2) Кьяра Мелани ۲۰۰۹
۳۸ Sex Differences in Antisocial Behaviour: Conduct Disorder, Delinquency, and Violence in the Dunedin Longitudinal Study (Cambridge Studies in Criminology) Илья Владимирович Утехин ۲۰۰۴
۳۹ Lucky Gita Steiner-Khamsi, Ines Stolpe ۲۰۰۶ Poppy
۴۰ Out of Mao s Shadow: The Struggle for the Soul of a New China Paul F.X. Müller ۲۰۰۵ Simon & Schuster
۴۱ Hitchcock s Motifs (Amsterdam University Press – Film Culture in Transition) Gary Bouma ۲۰۰۷
۴۲ HIV AIDS and the Nervous System: Handbook of Clinical Neurology Vol 85 Max Sherman ۲۰۰۷
۴۳ Chronic Hepatitis B: An Update (Clinics in Liver Disease: Volume 14, Issue 3) Barbara van Schewick ۲۰۱۰
۴۴ Empirical Labor Economics: The Search Approach Janet K. Wilson ۲۰۰۹
۴۵ The Myth of Property: Toward an Egalitarian Theory of Ownership Улина С.Л., Складнева О.Н., Баранова Е.А., Макуха Н.Г. ۲۰۰۲
۴۶ Kofi Annan: A Man of Peace in a World of War J. Jay Choi, Reid W. Click ۲۰۰۷
۴۷ Inconstant Companions: Archaeology and North American Indian Oral Traditions Niamh Moore, Yvonne Whelan ۲۰۰۷
۴۸ Simple Flutes: A Guide to Flute Making and Playing, or How to Make and Play Great Homemade Musical Instruments for Children and All Ages from Bamboo, Wood, Clay, Metal, PVC Plastic, or Anything Else Хараев Г.И., Ямпилов С.С., Танганов Б.Б., Хантургаев А.Г. ۲۰۰۴ Shepard Publications
۴۹ Illustrator CS5 Bible Lim & Bottomley ۲۰۰۷
۵۰ Selected Applications of Geometry to Low Dimensional Topology (University Lecture Series) Абрамов В.Б., Карпанин О.В., Медведев С.П., Метальников А.М, Печерская Р.М. ۲۰۰۴
۵۱ Juvenile Crime, Revised Edition (Library in a Book) Amy-jill Levine ۲۰۰۷
۵۲ Darwinism in Philosophy, Social Science and Policy (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy and Biology) Wolfgang Retz, Rachel G. Klein ۲۰۰۹
۵۳ Black Gun, Silver Star: The Life and Legend of Frontier Marshal Bass Reeves (Race and Ethnicity in the American West) Sanjeev Rajput, Naresh Kumar Thakur (auth.) ۲۰۱۱
۵۴ Handbook of Modern Sensors: Physics, Designs, and Applications Анищенко В.С. ۲۰۰۸ Springer-Verlag New York
۵۵ Notational Analysis of Sport: Systems for Better Coaching and Performance in Sport Linda Goldman ۲۰۰۵
۵۶ Supportive Care and Midwifery David Lloyd, Janet Littlewood, Mark Craig, L. R. Thomsett ۲۰۰۳ Wiley-Blackwell
۵۷ Mutual Funds For Dummies, 6th Edition Попов В.С. ۲۰۰۶
۵۸ The Question Concerning Technology and Other Essays Bodie Z., Kane A., Marcus A.J. ۲۰۰۱ Garland Publishing
۵۹ Philosophy, Literature, and Politics: Essays Honoring Ellis Sandoz Pavel Cizek, Wolfgang Karl Hardle, Rafal Weron, Editors ۲۰۰۵ University of Missouri
۶۰ The Word and the Void Trilogy, 1 Running With the Demon Станкова Т.Ю. ۲۰۰۱
۶۱ The Theology of Holiness Barbara Gibbs Ostmann, Jane Baker ۲۰۰۱
۶۲ The Pirc in Black and White: Detailed Coverage of an Enterprising Chess Opening (Everyman Chess) A. David Rodrigues ۲۰۰۱
۶۳ Plays for Players : An Anthology of 17 Plays and a Guide to Play Production Robert M. Doroghazi, Dan Wright French ۲۰۰۵ Row, Peterson And Co.
۶۴ Extracellular Nucleic Acids Konrad Bergmeister, Johann-Dietrich Worner, Frank Fingerloos ۲۰۰۸ Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
۶۵ Unruly Practices: Power, Discourse, and Gender in Contemporary Social Theory Кравцов Н.В., Ларионцев Е.Г. ۲۰۰۰ Univ Of Minnesota Press
۶۶ Gentianaceae: Systematics and Natural History Thomas Banchoff ۲۰۰۸ Cambridge University Press
۶۷ East Asian Monsoon (World Scientific Series on Meteorology of East Asia) Hiroyuki Osada ۲۰۰۹
۶۸ Mappae Mundi: Humans and their Habitats in a Long-Term Socio-Ecological Perspective: Myths, Maps and Models Gudrun Wansing ۲۰۰۶
۶۹ Video and Multimedia Transmissions over Cellular Networks: Analysis, Modelling and Optimization in Live 3G Mobile Networks Jacques Derrida, Pascale-Anne Brault, Michael Naas ۱۹۹۹
۷۰ The Law of Corporate Finance: General Principles and EU Law: Volume I: Cash Flow, Risk, Agency, Information Christian Blatter ۲۰۰۲ Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
۷۱ Ecological Geography of the Sea, 2nd Edition Philip Van Buskirk, B. R. Burg ۲۰۰۹ Academic Press
۷۲ Tribute to Peter Bauer: Including a Conversation With Peter Bauer & Tributes by John Blundell, Et Al Platón ۲۰۰۰
۷۳ Controlling Governments: Voters, Institutions, and Accountability (Cambridge Studies in the Theory of Democracy) Elie Wiesel ۲۰۱۰
۷۴ The One Page Project Manager for IT Projects: Communicate and Manage Any Project With A Single Sheet of Paper David G. Nicholls, Stuart J. Ferguson, ۲۰۰۱
۷۵ Notes on Digital Signal Processing: Practical Recipes for Design, Analysis and Implementation Ligang Song, Ross Garnaut, Stoyan Tenev, Yang Yeo ۲۰۰۵ Prentice Hall
۷۶ Renewing Development in Africa: Policy, Performance and Prospects Уильям Р. Станек ۲۰۰۴
۷۷ Asian bond markets: Issues and prospects (BIS Papers, Number 30) Кара-Мурза Сергей Георгиевич
۷۸ Australian Saltmarsh Ecology Анатолий Белоусов
۷۹ Relocating the Rule of Law Francesca Taylor ۲۰۰۴ Hart Publishing
۸۰ High Time Resolution Astrophysics David Wagg, Ian Bond, Paul Weaver, Michael Friswell ۲۰۰۷ Springer Netherlands
۸۱ The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night (Vol. 1) (Thousand Nights & One Night) Оберт Т.Б. ۲۰۰۳
۸۲ Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Cold Regions Gerhart I. Schuëller (auth.), Manolis Papadrakakis, George Stefanou, Vissarion Papadopoulos (eds.) ۲۰۱۱
۸۳ Approach to Internal Medicine: A Resource Book for Clinical Practice Газенко, Ильин Springer US
۸۴ ECOOP 2010 – Object-Oriented Programming: 24th European Conference, Maribor, Slovenia, June 21-25, 2010. Proceedings Anne Laurent, Marie-Jeanne Lesot ۲۰۰۹ Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
۸۵ Patterns of Social Capital: Stability and Change in Historical Perspective (Studies in Interdisciplinary History) David P. Blecher, Christian Le Merdy ۲۰۰۵
۸۶ First Peoples: Indigenous Cultures and Their Futures (Reaktion Books – Focus on Contemporary Issues) Annette LeCuyer ۲۰۰۸
۸۷ The Complete Works of Aristotle: The Revised Oxford Translation, Vol. 2 Nadia Lovell (Author) ۲۰۰۲ Princeton University Press
۸۸ Impersonal Power (Historical Materialism Book Series) Bibek Ray, Arun Bhunia ۲۰۰۷
۸۹ Forms of Power OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ۲۰۰۸
۹۰ Blowout in the Gulf: The BP Oil Spill Disaster and the Future of Energy in America Iqbal Ahmad, Mohd Sajjad Ahmad Khan, Farrukh Aqil (auth.), Iqbal Ahmad, Farah Ahmad, John Pichtel (eds.) ۲۰۱۱ The MIT Press
۹۱ Third Way Economics: An Evaluation Thomas Valone ۲۰۰۰
۹۲ Basics of Genealogy Reference: A Librarian s Guide Гуськов Михаил Libraries Unlimited
۹۳ Turnabout (Roswell Series) Caroline Stone ۲۰۰۰
۹۴ Traders, Planters and Slaves: Market Behavior in Early English America John A. Venables ۲۰۰۰
۹۵ Structure and Agent in the Scientific Diplomacy of Climate Change – An Empirical Case Study of Science-Policy Interaction in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (Advances in Global Change Research Volume 5) Marc-André Bédard, Yves Agid, Sylvain Chouinard, Stanley Fahn, Amos D. Korczyn ۲۰۰۳
۹۶ Research In Multicultural Education: From The Margins To The Mainstream (Wisconsin Series of Teacher Education) Maggie Shayne, Barbara Hambly, Charlaine Harris ۲۰۰۴
۹۷ Rome s Religious History: Livy, Tacitus and Ammianus on their Gods Peter Levin ۲۰۰۴
۹۸ Baudrillard s Bestiary: Baudrillard and Culture Гизель, Иннокентий
۹۹ Economics as a Social Science: An Approach to Nonautistic Theory Sabu Thomas, Ranimol Stephen ۲۰۰۹
۱۰۰ Power in the Global Era: Grounding Globalization Ефимова М.В. ۲۰۰۵
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