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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1Three dimensional vortices in the nonlinear wave equationBadiale M., Benci V., Rolando S.——2Concentration around a sphere for a singularly perturbed Schrodinger equationBadiale M., D Aprile T.2001—3Concentrated solutions for a non variational semilinear elliptic equationBadiale M., Duci A.——4Elliptic equations with decaying cylindrical potentials and power-type nonlinearitiesBadiale M., Guida M., Rolando S.——5Elliptic problems on R^N with jumping nonlinearities perturbation resultsBadiale M., Pellacci B., Villegas S.——6Bifurcation results for semilinear elliptic problems in RNBadiale M., Pomponio A.——7A note on nonlinear elliptic problems with singular potentialsBadiale M., Rolando S.——8Elliptic problems with singular potential and double-power nonlinearityBadiale M., Rolando S.2006—9Critical nonlinear elliptic equations with singularities and cylindrical symmetryBadiale M., Serra E.——10Multiplicity results for the supercritical Henon equationBadiale M., Serra E.2004—11A Sobolev-Hardy inequality with applications to a nonlinear elliptic equation arising in astrophysicsBadiale M., Tarantello G.2003—12Ecole D Ete De Probabilites De Saint-Flour V, 1975B., J.F.C. Kingman, J. Kuelbs Badrikian1976Springer-Verlag13Mesures Cylindriques, Espaces De Wiener Et Fonctions Aleatoires GaussiennesAlbert Badrikian1974Springer-Verlag14Seminaire Sur Les Fonctions Aleatoires Lineaires Et Les Mesures CylindriquesA. Badrikian1970Springer15Proceedings of the Dirac Centennial Symposium: Florida State University, Tallahassee, 6-7 December 2002Howard A. Baer, Alexander Belyaev2004World Scientific Publishing Company16Skew-Elliptical Distibutions and Their Applications: A Journey Beyond NormalityBagajewicz M. J., Genton G.2004—17Set Theory: Centre de Recerca Matematica Barcelona, 2003-2004Bagaria J. (ed.), Todorcevic S. (ed.)2006—18Analysis of survival data with cross-effects of survival functionsBagdonavicius V.2004—19Device Applications of Nonlinear DynamicsSalvatore Baglio, Adi Bulsara2006Springer-Verlag20Synthesis of electrical networksH. Baher1984John Wiley & Sons21Isomorphism Problem in Coxeter GroupsPatrick Bahls2005Imperial College Press22Recent Progress in Conformal GeometryAbbas Bahri; Yongzhong Xu2007Imperial College Press23Dead Sea Scrolls DeceptionMichael Baigent1993Simon & Schuster24Dead Sea Scrolls DeceptionBaigen

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