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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1The Slayer s Guide To Undead (d20 System)Gary Gygax, John Creffield, Chris Quilliams2003Mongoose Publishing2The Slayer s Guide To Troglodytes (d20 System)Mike Major, Anne Stokes2001Mongoose Publishing3The Slayer s Guide To Titans (d20 System)Gareth Hanrahan2003Mongoose Publishing4The Slayers Guide to Scorpionfolk (d20 System)R. Smith2004Mongoose Publishing5The Slayer s Guide To Orcs (d20 System)Matt Forbeck, Ralph Horsley2002Mongoose Publishing6The Slayer s Guide To Lizardfolk (d20 System)A. Kenrick, Ralph Horsley2004Mongoose Publishing7The Slayer s Guide To Kobolds (d20 System)Various2003Mongoose Publishing8The Slayer s Guide To Harpies (d20 System)James Maliszewski, Chris Quilliams2005Mongoose Publishing9The Slayer s Guide To Goblins (d20 System)S Girard, Ralph Horsley2003Mongoose Publishing10The Slayer s Guide To Gnolls (d20 System)Alexander Fennell (Editor)2001Mongoose Publishing11The Slayer s Guide To Female GamersJames Desborough, Brent Chumley2002Mongoose Publishing12The Slayer s Guide To Duergar (d20 System)Sandrine Thirache, Anne Stokes2002Mongoose Publishing13The Slayers (d20 System Role-Playing Game)Anthony Ragan, Michelle Lyons2002Guardians of Order14The Slavs (Ancient Peoples and Places, Vol. 74) Marija Gimbutas1971Thames & Hudson Ltd15The Slavonic Languages (Routledge Language Family Series)Bernard Comrie, Greville G. Corbett1993Routledge16The slaveholders dilemma: freedom and progress in southern conservative thought, 1820-1860Eugene D. Genovese1994Univ of South Carolina Press17The Slave Trade and Culture in the Bight of Biafra: An African Society in the Atlantic WorldG. Ugo Nwokeji2010Cambridge University Press18The Slave Next Door: Human Trafficking and Slavery in America Today Kevin Bales, Ron Soodalter2009University of California Press19The Slave Girls Trilogy #1: Sharae and Melissa Rod Harden and Alison McKenna——20The Slav: Move by Move Cyrus Lakdawala2011Everyman Chess21The Slav for the Tournament Player (Tournament Player s Repertoire of Openings) Glenn Flear1988B.T. Batsford22The Slav Matthew Sadler1997Everyman Chess23The Slangman Guide to Biz Speak 1 (Slangman Guides to Biz Speak) David Burke2001Slangman Pub24The Slacker s Guide to U.S. History: The Bare Minimum on Discovering America, the Boston Tea Party, the California Gold Rush, and Lots of Other Stuff Dead White Guys Did Don Stewart, John

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