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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1The Science and Engineering of Thermal Spray CoatingsLech Pawlowski2008Wiley2The Science of RadioPaul J. Nahin1996American Institute of Physics3The Science of Water: Concepts and Applications, Second EditionFrank R. Spellman2007CRC Press4The Scientific Context for Exploration of the Moon: Final ReportCommittee on the Scientific Context for Exploration of the Moon, National Research Council2007National Academies Press5The Search for Life on MarsMalcolm Walter2000Basic Books6The Second Derivatives of the Extremal Integral for a General Class of Problems of the Calculus of VariationsDresden A.1915—7The Secondary and Tertiary Rays from Chemical Elements of Small Atomic Number Due to Primary X-Rays from a Molybdenum TargetClark G.L., Duane W., Stifler W.W.1924—8The Secondary Electrons Produced by Hard X-Rays in Light ElementsFricke H., Glasser O.1924—9The Secondary Spectrum of Hydrogen and the Occurrence of H3+Smyth H. D.1926—10The Secrets of Building a Plastic Injection Molding MachineVincent R. Gingery1997David J Gingery11The Secrets of Building a Plastic Vacuum Forming MachineVincent R. Gingery1999D.J. Gingery12The Segal-Shale-Weil (oscillator) representationGarrett P.2006—13The Seismic Design HandbookFarzad Naeim2001Springer14The Separation of Chlorine into Isotopes (Isotopic Elements) and the Whole Number Rule for Atomic WeightsHarkins W.D.1925—15The Separation of IsotopesKendall J., Crittenden E.D.1923—16The Separation of Isotopes by the Ionic Migration MethodKendall J.1924—17The Separation of Rare Earths by the Ionic Migration MethodKendall J., Clarke B.L.1925—18The separation of the two types of iodine molecule and the photochemical reaction of gaseous iodine with hexeneBadger R.M., Urmston J.W.1930—19The Series Spectra of the Stripped Boron Atom (BIII)Bowen I.S., Millikan R.A.1924—20The Shapes of Group Molecules Forming the Surfaces of LiquidsLangmuir I.1917—21The Siegel-Weil formula in the convergent rangeGarrett P.2005—22The significance of recent cosmic-ray experimentsMillikan R.A., Bowen I.S.1930—23The Significance of the Discovery of X-Ray Laws in the Field of OpticsMillikan R.K., Bowen I.S.1924—24The Significance of the Experimentally Determined Crystal Structures of the Alkali PolyhalidesClark G.L.1926—25The Silver Voltameter as an International Standard for

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