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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1The radar game: Understanding stealth and aircraft survivabilityRebecca Grant1998IRIS Independent Research2Adsorption, surface area, and porosityS. J. Gregg, Kenneth S.W. Sing1982Academic Press3Computational Anatomy: An Emerging DisciplineGrenander U., Miller M.I.1998—4Global positioning systems (GPS), inertial navigation, and integrationMohinder S. Grewal2001Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated5Analysis and Simulation of Chaotic SystemsFrank C. Hoppensteadt (auth.)1993Springer New York6Photonic Crystals – From Theory to PracticeSteven G. Johnson, John D. Joannopoulos2002Springer7Signals and systems made ridiculously simpleZoher Z. Karu1995ZiZi Press8Gas-solid transportGeorge E. Klinzing1981McGraw-Hill9Three-dimensional holographic imagingChung J. Kuo, Meng Hua Tsai2002Wiley10Mechanical engineers handbookMyer Kutz2006Wiley11Mechanical engineers handbookMyer Kutz2006Wiley12Mechanical engineers handbookMyer Kutz2006Wiley13Mechanical engineers handbookMyer Kutz2006Wiley14Electric Vehicle Technology ExplainedJames Larminie, John Lowry2003J. Wiley15Structure and interpretation of signals and systemsEdward A. Lee, Pravin Varaiya2002Addison Wesley16Structure and interpretation of signals and systemsLee, Varaiya.2000Berkeley17Complete Introduction to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and NMR SpectroscopyRoger S. Macomber1997Wiley-Interscience18Mechanical Engineer s HandbookDan B. Marghitu, J. David Irwin2001Academic Press19Nanotechnology for microelectronics and optoelectronicsJose Martinez-Duart, Raul J. Martin-Palmer, Fernando Agullo-Rueda2006Elsevier20Schaum s Outline of Engineering MechanicsE. Nelson, Charles Best, William McLean1997McGraw-Hill21Temperature measurementL. Michalski, K. Eckersdorf, J. Kucharski, J. McGhee2001J. Wiley22Undulators and free-electron lasersP. Luchini, H. Motz1990Clarendon Press; Oxford University Press23Linear Position Sensors: Theory and ApplicationDavid S. Nyce2003Wiley-Interscience24Intelligent Personal Assistants – Concepts and Applications in EngineeringJerzy Pokojski2003Springer25Computational materials science: the simulation of materials microstructures and propertiesDierk Raabe1998Wiley-VCH26Basic ship theoryE. C. Tupper, KJ Rawson2001Butterworth-Heinemann27Bas

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