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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1The Math Teacher s Book of ListsКулиш Н.В., Казакова О.Н.۲۰۰۲Jossey-Bass2Human movement understanding: From computational geometry to artificial intelligenceDRG Publishing2007Elsevier Science Ltd3Superplasticity in metals and ceramicsVarious2003CUP4Proceedings ISSAC 2009 (Seoul)Ильдеркина М.С.۲۰۰۵—۵Physics in the nineteenth centuryPaul Wilmott2005Rutgers6Mathematical Feynman path integrals and their applicationsCecilia Wee2006World Scientific Publishing Company7Quantum philosophyDieter Jorgensen2004Princeton University Press8Games and InformationWendell Weber2008Wiley-Blackwell9Molecular physical chemistryDavid Lowe2006RSC10A history of economic thought——Princeton University Press11Technical analysis explainedJohn C. Wright2003McGraw-Hill Companies12Stabilizing an unstable economyJames Miller2003McGraw-Hill13Crystal Properties via Group Theory—2009CUP14Plastic Fantastic: How the Biggest Fraud in Physics Shook the Scientific WorldChorafas D.N., Midgley G.2005Palgrave Macmillan15Topology: Point-set and geometricDieter Rueggeberg2000Wiley-Interscience16Complex Analysis with Applications—2010Dover17Practical Fruits of EconophysicsМинасян Л.А.۲۰۰۵Springer18A survey of progress in graph theory in the Soviet UnionChristian Hammer—SRI19Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science III: Proceedings Amsterdam, 1967Cze Tubilewicz2006Elsevier Science20Computational analysis of one-dimensional cellular automataJonathan A. Wright2010World Scientific Publishing Company21———Academic Press22Lecture Notes for EconometricsИрина Степанова۲۰۰۷Stockholm23Winning With StocksChristine Slovey (Editor)1999AMACOM24Lectures on stochastic analysis: Diffusion theoryМильталер Ю.۲۰۰۷CUP25Nuclear StructureBill Hosokawa2005World Scientific Publishing Company26Yield Curve ModellingWilliam H. Swatos Jr.1998Palgrave Macmillan27Real analysis: A historical approachPaul Tracey, Gordon L. Clark2004Wiley28Perspectives in mathematical sciences: Pure mathematicsAlexander-Stamatios G. Antoniou, Cary L. Cooper2005WS29Elementary General ThermodynamicsBarry Bridger2009AW30<

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