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Id Title Author Date Publisher
۱ Young Children Continue to Reinvent Arithmetic: Implications of Piaget s Theory (Early Childhood Education Series, 9) Cliff M. ۱۹۹۸
۲ F# for Scientists Janet Macdonald ۲۰۰۸
۳ MEMS and Nanotechnology-Based Sensors and Devices for Communications, Medical and Aerospace Applications Security, and Cooperation Development, National Research Council ۲۰۰۶
۴ How to Make Dances in an Epidemic: Tracking Choreography in the Age of Aids Stephen J. Dubner ۲۰۰۷
۵ Salvaging American Defense: The Challenge of Strategic Overstretch Khaled Hosseini ۲۰۰۴
۶ Elsevier, Academic Press
۷ Imperial Germany 1871-1918 (The Short Oxford History of Germany) Alaa S. Abd-El-Aziz, Ian Manners ۲۰۰۷
۸ Recoding the Museum (Museum Meanings) Stephen H. Jenkins ۲۰۰۴
۹ Dynamic Business Process Formation for Instant Virtual Enterprises Blake Neely ۲۰۰۹ Springer-Verlag London
۱۰ Schooling for Life: Reclaiming the Essence of Learning Jeffrey Little, Jeffrey Little ۲۰۰۴
۱۱ The Concerto: A Research and Information Guide (Routledge Music Bibliographies) Laurie Scheer ۲۰۰۲
۱۲ Martin Luther King, Graphic Biography (Saddleback Graphic Biographies) Charles K. Armstrong ۲۰۰۶
۱۳ Meeting Difficulties in Literacy: Research, Policy and Practice Mark Utting, Bruno Legeard ۲۰۰۶
۱۴ In Rare Form: A Pictorial History of Baseball Evangelist Billy Sunday Gregory of Nyssa, Anna M. Silvas ۲۰۰۷
۱۵ Realizability: An Introduction to its Categorical Side Carlo Strub, Thorsten Hens ۲۰۰۴ Elsevier, Academic Press
۱۶ Critical Geopolitics ۲۰۱۰
۱۷ Practical RichFaces Басин Евгений Яковлевич, Редакторы-составители: Е.Я.Басин, В.А.Волобуев. Автор вступительной статьи: Е.Я.Басин ۲۰۰۵
۱۸ Economic and Social Rights Under the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: A Legal Perspective Frida Simonstein (auth.), Frida Simonstein (eds.) ۲۰۰۹
۱۹ Wild West Rider # 9 (Time Machine No 9) Martin van Creveld ۱۹۹۹
۲۰ A History of the European Economy, 1000-2000 Alexis Jacquemin, Henry Tulkens
۲۱ Carbon and Its Domestication Rupert Kendrick ۲۰۱۰
۲۲ How East New York Became a Ghetto Gerhard Hilt, Peter Rinze ۲۰۰۷
۲۳ The Young and the Digital: What the Migration to Social Network Sites, Games, and Anytime, Anywhere Media Means for Our Future Оврах Г.П. ۲۰۰۱
۲۴ The Cambridge Companion to Ezra Pound (Cambridge Companions to Literature) Α. Παπαχελάς, Τ.Τέλλογλου ۲۰۰۲
۲۵ The Argonautica of Apollonius Е.Данилова ۲۰۰۳
۲۶ The Glory of van Gogh Barbara Evans Clements, Rebecca Friedman, Dan Healey ۲۰۰۲
۲۷ Understanding Radio (Studies in Culture and Communication) Patrick Baert (Eds.) ۲۰۰۰
۲۸ Quadratic Forms in Random Variables: Theory and Applications (Statistics: a Series of Textbooks and Monographs) R. Holland Cheng ۲۰۰۴
۲۹ OECD Territorial Reviews: Milan, Italy S. S. Iyengar (auth.), Goutam Chakraborty (eds.) ۲۰۰۵
۳۰ Play Culture in a Changing World (Debating Play) Judith V. Grabiner ۲۰۰۵
۳۱ Scheduling in Distributed Computing Systems: Analysis, Design and Models Janet Martin ۲۰۰۴
۳۲ Understanding Drugs, Alcohol and Crime (Crime and Justice) Salman Rushdie ۲۰۰۰
۳۳ What Next After School ?: All You Need to Know About Work, Travel and Study, 8th Edition Selman Akbulut, Turgut O?nder, Ronald J. Stern ۱۹۹۹
۳۴ Masterpieces of 20th-Century American Drama (Greenwood Introduces Literary Masterpieces) J.R. Ward ۲۰۰۶
۳۵ Carleman Estimates and Applications to Uniqueness and Control Theory (Progress in Nonlinear Differential Equations and Their Applications) Tariq Ashraf, Puja Anand Gulati ۲۰۱۰
۳۶ HTML & CSS: The Good Parts Joe Brandesky ۲۰۰۷
۳۷ India and the IT revolution: networks of global culture Kevin Hérault ۲۰۰۷ Palgrave Macmillan
۳۸ On Becoming an Innovative University Teacher Ray Kiely ۲۰۰۵
۳۹ Literacy Learning in the Early Years Paula Fass ۲۰۰۶ Open Univ Pr
۴۰ No Fear: In Business and In Life Michael Pakaluk ۲۰۰۵
۴۱ Deleuze, Cinema and National Identity: Narrative Time in National Contexts S.L. Carpenter ۲۰۰۹
۴۲ Ageing, The Body and Social Change: Agency and Indentity Among Ageing Athletes Eberhard Arnold
۴۳ Musical Comedy on the West End Stage, 1890-1939 Силина И.Г. ۲۰۰۶
۴۴ IT and European Bank Performance (Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Instiutuions) IFPO ۲۰۰۷
۴۵ Brave New World Revisited ۲۰۱۱
۴۶ A History of the Low Countries (Palgrave Essential Histories) Derrida Jacques
۴۷ Developing Reflective Practice in the Early Years Stephen Pedneault ۲۰۰۹
۴۸ Garden of Shadows Kristi Holl ۲۰۰۸
۴۹ The State of Loyalism in Northern Ireland Thomas Hardy ۲۰۰۱
۵۰ A Dictionary of Greek and Latin Legal Terms in Rabbinic Literature (Dictionaries of Talmud, Midrash, and Targum) Michael Lower Bar-Ilan University Press
۵۱ Brands Laid Bare: Using Market Research for Evidence-Based Brand Management ۲۰۱۱
۵۲ Oracle Database Administration for Microsoft SQL Server DBAs (Osborne ORACLE Press Series) Atul Mehta, Victor Hoffbrand ۲۰۰۵
۵۳ Enemies of Promise: Publishing, Perishing, and the Eclipse of Scholarship Hamideh Afsarmanesh, Ekaterina Ermilova (auth.), Abdelkader Hameurlain, Josef Küng, Roland Wagner (eds.) ۲۰۰۹ Prickly Paradigm Press
۵۴ Ethnicity and Electoral Politics Балаян Лев Ашотович ۲۰۰۹
۵۵ From Cosmos to Chaos: The Science of Unpredictability Michel Goossens, Frank Mittelbach, Sebastian Rahtz, Denis Roegel, Herbert Voss ۲۰۰۸
۵۶ Surviving Twice: Amerasian Children of the Vietnam War Gordon G. Globus ۲۰۰۳
۵۷ GMPLS Technologies: Broadband Backbone Networks and Systems (Optical Science and Engineering) G. John Ikenberry, Thomas J. Knock, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Tony Smith ۲۰۰۸
۵۸ Sudden Impact on the Job: Top Business Leaders Reveal the Secrets to Fast Success Florence Temko ۲۰۰۳
۵۹ Psychotherapy in Everyday Life (Learning in Doing: Social, Cognitive and Computational Perspectives) William L. Rowe ۲۰۰۴
۶۰ Visions of Culture: An Introduction to Anthropological Theories and Theorists Nike Pokorn ۱۹۹۹
۶۱ The New World Agaoninae: Pollinators of figs (Verhandelingen, Afdeling Natuurkunde. Tweede reeks) John J. McCarthy ۲۰۰۱
۶۲ Combinations: The Heart of Chess Ulrich Molk, Heinrich Detering ۲۰۱۰ Dover Publications
۶۳ The Handy Law Answer Book (The Handy Answer Book Series) Garnet Hall ۲۰۰۲
۶۴ Season of the Witch П.И. Качур ۲۰۰۴
۶۵ The Shadow of Enlightenment: Optical and Political Transparency in France 1789-1848 Terry M. Tritt (Eds.) ۲۰۰۱
۶۶ Care Without Coverage (Insuring Health) Frank Rogin, Rolf Drechsler (auth.) ۲۰۱۰
۶۷ Eros and the Poetry At the Courts of Mary Queen of Scots and James VI Бурцева Е.В., Рак И.П., Селезнев А.В., Терехов А.В., Чернышов В.Н. ۲۰۰۹
۶۸ Year s Best Fantasy 4 Ian Castle ۱۹۹۸
۶۹ A Blunt Instrument Nenad Jukic, Tania Neild
۷۰ Dump Em: How to Break Up with Anyone from Your Best Friend to Your Hairdresser Dee Dewi Lestari ۲۰۰۹
۷۱ The Complete Idiot s Guide to Starting an eBay Business, 2nd Edition Barry S. Rundquist, Thomas M. Carsey ۲۰۰۲
۷۲ Stress Testing for Risk Control Under Basel II M. A. Utton ۲۰۰۳
۷۳ From Neurology to Psychoanalysis: Sigmund Freud s Neurological Drawings and Diagrams of the Mind Sabine Krist, Gerhard Buchbauer, Carina Klausberger ۲۰۰۸
۷۴ Exercising Influence: A Guide For Making Things Happen at Work, at Home, and in Your Community Jeff Halper ۲۰۰۸ Pfeiffer
۷۵ MTEL Spanish 28 Teacher Certification: Test Prep Study Guide Philip M. Parker ۲۰۰۶ XAMonline, Inc.
۷۶ The Economic Dimensions of Globalization Ross Harrison ۲۰۰۲
۷۷ Labour Forces: From Ernie Bevin to Gordon Brown Кэрролл Ли, Тоубер Джен ۲۰۰۷
۷۸ Framing the Bride: Globalizing Beauty and Romance in Taiwan s Bridal Industry Nicole S. Porter, Nancy Bothne, Leonard Jason ۲۰۰۸
۷۹ The Good Communist: Elite Training and State Building in Today s China Frank Droege ۲۰۰۲
۸۰ Composing Music with Computers (Music Technology) Thich Nhat Hanh, Lilian Cheung ۲۰۱۰
۸۱ Social Networks, Drug Injectors Lives, and HIV AIDS (Aids Prevention and Mental Health) Lama Yeshe ۲۰۰۳
۸۲ Bomb Canada: The Case for War and Other Unkind Remarks in the American Media Carl E. Walter, Fraser J. T. Howie ۲۰۱۱
۸۳ Planetary Motions: A Historical Perspective (Greenwood Guides to Great Ideas in Science) Michael Provence ۲۰۰۵
۸۴ Number Fields (Universitext) M. Aizenman (Chief Editor) ۲۰۰۵
۸۵ Geography and Economy (Clarendon Lectures in Geography and Environmental Studies) Wheeler D., Wong H.R., Shanley T. ۲۰۰۸
۸۶ Promoting the General Welfare: New Perspectives on Government Performance Wojciech Gorczyca, James Weisberger, Foxwell Nathan Emmons ۲۰۰۴
۸۷ Summits: Six Meetings That Shaped the Twentieth Century Geoffrey R. Norman, David L. Streiner ۲۰۰۳ Basic Books
۸۸ Power System Dynamics and Stability ۲۰۰۵
۸۹ New Catholic Encyclopedia, Vol. 9: Mab-Mor Дзюина Е.В. ۲۰۰۶ Gale
۹۰ Random Matrix Theory and Its Applications: Multivariate Statistics and Wireless Communications (Lecture Notes Series, Institute for Mathematical Sciences, … Sciences, National University of Singapore) Derrik S. Hobbs ۲۰۰۴
۹۱ The American Jesuits: A History Матвеев А.А. ۲۰۰۳
۹۲ A Dirty Job: A Novel Eric Wood William Morrow
۹۳ Test Your Professional English – Accounting H.L. Elliott, J.M.C. Connell, G.T. McInnes ۲۰۰۳
۹۴ ExamWise For MCP MCSE Certification: Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000, Enterprise Edition Exam 70-227 (With Online Exam) Dr.-Ing. Tobias Wittmann (auth.) ۲۰۰۸
۹۵ Race and Identity in Hemingway s Fiction (American Literature Readings in the Twenty-First Century) Carol Baillie ۲۰۰۴
۹۶ Prophecy, Politics and the People in Early Modern England Gerhard Girmscheid ۲۰۰۴
۹۷ Public Discourses of Gay Men That s So Gay (Routledge Advances in Corpus Linguistics) Milla Co Riggio ۲۰۰۴
۹۸ SQL Server 2000 Fast Answers for DBAs and Developers, Signature Edition National Research Council (U. S.) ۲۰۰۳
۹۹ Computational Text Analysis: For Functional Genomics and Bioinformatics Paul Stoneman ۲۰۱۰
۱۰۰ Cold Dawn Wassim M. Haddad, VijaySekhar Chellaboina, Qing Hui ۲۰۱۰ Mira
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