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برای دانلود کتاب اینجا کلیک کنیدIdTitleAuthorDatePublisher1Women s NGOs In PakistanAfshan Jafar2011Palgrave Macmillan2Women s Movements: Flourishing or in Abeyance (Routledge Research in Comparative Politics)Marian Sawer2008—3Women s Minds, Women s Bodies: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Women s HealthFiona Poland, Gwyneth Boswell2003—4Women s Livelihood Rights: Recasting Citizenship for DevelopmentSumi Krishna2007—5Women s Literary Feminism in Twentieth Century ChinaAmy D. Dooling2005—6Women s Literary Creativity and the Female BodyDiane Long Hoeveler, Donna Decker Schuster2007—7Women s Labor in the Global Economy: Speaking in Multiple VoicesSharon Harley2007—8Women s Health Movements: A Global Force for ChangeMeredeth Turshen2007—9Women s Health in Mid-Life: A Primary Care GuideJo Ann Rosenfeld2004Cambridge University Press10Women s Experience of Modernity, 1875-1945Ann L. Ardis, Leslie W. Lewis (editors)2002The Johns Hopkins University Press11Women s Cinema – The Contested Screen (Short Cuts)Alison Butler2002—12Women s Autobiography: War and TraumaVictoria Stewart2004—13Women s Aggressive Fantasies: A Post-Jungian Exploration of Self-Hatred, Love and AgencySue Austin2005—14Women s Agency and Rituals in Mixed and Female Masonic Orders (Aries)Alexandra Heidle, Jan A. M. Snoek2008Brill Academic Pub15Women’s Health in Interventional RadiologyShawn N. Sarin, Chad Baarson, Sameul Hanif, Yousaf Awan, Anthony C. Venbrux (auth.), Elizabeth Ignacio, Anthony C. Venbrux (eds.)2012Springer-Verlag New York16Women’s Experiences in Leadership in K-16 Science Education Communities: Becoming and BeingJanice Koch (auth.), Katherine C. Wieseman, Molly H. Weinburgh (eds.)2009Springer Netherlands17Women’s Entrepreneurship and Economics: New Perspectives, Practices, and PoliciesDomingo Ribeiro, Miguel-Ángel Galindo (auth.), Miguel-Angel Galindo, Domingo Ribeiro (eds.)2012Springer-Verlag New York18Women, War, and Violence: Personal Perspectives and Global ActivismRobin M. Chandler, Linda K. Fuller, Lihua Wang2010Palgrave Macmillan19Women, Partisanship, and the CongressJocelyn Jones Evans2005—20Women, Migration, and Conflict: Breaking a Deadly CycleSusan F. Martin (auth.), Susan Forbes Martin, John Tirman (eds.)2009Springer Netherlands21Women, Literacy and Development: Alternative Perspectives (Routledge Studies in Literacy)Robinson-Pant2004—22Women, Islam and Everyday Life: Renegotiating Polygamy in Indonesia (Asaa Women in Asia Series)Nina Nurmila2009—

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